Mar 30, 2008

The Shopaholic series

i bought these books two weeks ago and i've only read 2 of them and i'm in love!

it's the shopaholic series written by Sophie Kinsella, it's really hilarious and when u start u just can't stop.. it's about this girl who lives in london. she's so addicted 2 shopping and has serious financial problems but she always finds a way to justify her spending.. sometime she reminds me of myself, the way i justify buying an expensive item and telling myself that it's an investment and that i woud wear it for AGES.. and end up wearing it once or twice and just fall out of love with it!

i recomend reading it, it's simply witty and funny..


FourMe said...

That sounds like my life story too! Not much into reading I'll wait till they turn them into a movie ;)

A Journal Entry said...

i could so imagine it turning into a movie! it would be a good one =)

New Bride said...

woooow i loved the books i read tha hall series tyanin waiting for the movie

A Journal Entry said...

new bride
i'm readin "shopaholic ties the knot" now.. 2 more 2 go =)

vogue said...

i want to read them so bad. they sound fun.
do they sell them in kuwait though? virgin maybe?

A Journal Entry said...

i'm not sure, sorry!
but i'll check for u next time i'm aroud there..