Feb 6, 2009


A few weeks back i had an appointment to cut my hair with this supposedly very good hair dresser that comes every few months to Kuwait. I saw her work on many of my friends and family oo their hair cuts were amazing. oo me being the non-risk-taker thought i should give her a try and change my hair cut which was pretty much the same for the past... hmm .. wallah muddah!

i told her i want a side swept bang oo some layers infront.. oo while i was waiting for my turn i saw her cut a few girls' hair oo each one of them came out with a great haircut.. oo i was flipping through a magazine when i came across a pic of the haircut i wanted.. JE being overly confident galat laaa mayi7tay awareeha ehya t3arif o she's professional...

but i ended up with something close to this..

it's hideous!
min thak il youm oo i'm literally living on hair bands and mashat =(
o al7een ya enna asta7mil oo i grow it back aw i chop it off (note that i hate short hair on me bs atwaqa3 a7san min il wath3 illy ana feeh al7een)...

it's at moments like these when u wish u were a boy.. etgar3oon oo kilha a couple of months o u get ur old hair back =(


Delicately Realistic said...

Awwww its only hair it will grow back dont worry ;(

Oh and she has to be the actress i hate the most on GG ! Ma at7amalha o the stunts she pulls !

A Journal Entry said...

that's what i keep on telling myslef min thak il youm.. bs ilyoum ektishaft enny ga3da agi9 3ala 3umry eb hal 7achy!!

ee 7adha thaqeelat 6eena.. et7irny..

think said...

i like this hair!!! and i like gossip gurl too :P

her hair is fine, its kind of funky, bas youmkin it doesn't suits your syle or the color of your hair... dont worry its just a hair cut and it will grow back

libero anima said...

dude that haircut looks nice man ! i always have short hair .. ma3aneh mum says eneh maynasebni cuz i have a long face .. bss i can't bear having long hear ..
yet i love girls with hair length that go to a bit more than half their back ..

btw if you search beyonces' haircuts, they are all kash5a i love her (not) hair =p ..

bss dnt worry about ur hair .. it's' gonna grow back in a few months inshalah .. =D

Nemo said...

sorry for that :S

what did ur family/friends say? mo yemken its good but u're not used to it?

Seattle dude said...

eh? i think its pretty cute actually

BeBe said...

its not that bad :$ i mean it's cool wait for it to grow n cut it again (just look on the bright side it may suit u better if u told ur self it was bad u'll believe that even tho it might actually suit u , i've been through alot of bad haircuts believe me !! but i survived n learned from my mistakes

whose the hairdresser anyway :P?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i actually kind of like it =)

bs you know, i wish i was a guy everyday ;Pp

weddy agare3 =(

Nani_37 said...

I'll give you the tagree3 thing >> it's awesome :D

but come on, the haircut doesn't look awful at all, it's nice

Fastidious Babe said...

its probably not as bad as u think it is..

remember it will grow back! *hugs*

zina said...

not that bad!
NOOOO!!! DON'T CUT IT, it will grow faster than u think ;)

A Journal Entry said...

i like gossip girl too! bs not that haircut =/
i don't think it suits me..

libero anima
heheh ee 9ajah shes always with kash5a hair.. can't wait for it to grow.. i'm gonna search for something that can make the process faster =s

some say it's ok.. bs madry ma a7ishum honest!

seattle dude
beleive me not in real life!

positive thinking ha?

she's lebanese oo hathy a5ir marrah aro7laha!!

heeheh ee wallah a7is il gar3a 9ij ra7ah!

thanx for trying to lift up my broken spirit! =)

fastidious babe
i try to console myself by saying that .. bs it's not helping much =(

enshallah allah yisma3 minnich =/

Anonymous said...

They say that a haircut doesnt look its best until two weeks in.. thats usually when you start getting used to it and see past the difference from what you previously had and also its when your hair itself gets used to it and the blunt edges soften up.

I've had my share of bad haircuts.. there's no miracle hair growth cure out there.. but what you can do is start regular treatments so that it would grow out great. I dont think you should cut it shorter cuz think about it.. in a few months it'll be right back to this stage where you hated it in the first place!

Check out boots, they have a product by lee stafford that claims to maximise hair growth. Its in a purple jar. Also as stinky as it is, amla hair oils (yup the indian stuff that smells) actually maximise hair's potential to grow and maintain its health... but make sure it doesnt have mineral oil.. good luck and hang in there :D

A Journal Entry said...

thanx alot this was a helpfull comment!
i'll go to boots and check out the product u mentioned.. i'll leave the smelly stuff for later on when nothing else works =)

Ruby Woo said...

7imdaay rabich! Ana once I told the hairdresser to cut my hair to a short shoulder length bob bas instead gasita lai my ear lobe so kint chini yahil! It was horrible bas il mushkela ana i saw her cutting my hair too short bas min kither my i was in shock, i remained sakta lool bas when i saw myself chan abchi 3ala kilmen ;p

anyway, mabi a7ab6ich bas it takes forever lain isha3ar i6ool

nyxxie said...

na3eeman! =)
sometimes, we need time to digest a new haircut, i'm sure it's just coz you're still not used to it.

so ironic my hairdresser is also in kwait at the moment. he's gone for a week for haircuts there w elmafrooth is back in london today. need to go get my hair cut before i fly back home in a few days.

ps. i hate lebanese hairdressers.

zuz said...

allah e3enich;\ ana sha3ry ga9eta ga99a LO3A now me5tere3 o mu rathy e6ool:(

Technogal said...

Beeeel3aks it looks so so so cute!!
aslan awal ma sheft her hair gelt esh7alatah ^__^

Zabo0o6a said...

Na3eeman babes :**
hehe , i know i just hate even paying a visit to the hair dresser it's like i tell her to trim as if i'm telling her to chop it off !
O el moshkila short hair doesn't suit me , so kel marrah mana7a :(

Lost b2amreeka. said...

na3eeeman omg ana i always get bad haircuts too!!! im starting to think i have retarted hair!

On-The-Rocks said...

by the way im THINK who commented bas i was at a different user

A Journal Entry said...

ruby woo
i knoooow! =(
yabeely 3al aqal 6 months =s

i hate them now!!

i thought that in time i would get used to it .. but la time is not helping =(

hhehehe .. wa3alaya 3alaina!
malna illa il 9abir =/

madry ana killish mo 7abitah =/

eee ana kint mit3aqda min a short haircut min 8 years fa hally i was stuck with a the same haircut for mudda! oo now when i had the courage shoofay shino 9ar =/

lost b2amreeka
5ala9 i think it's better if we stick to the boring routine haircuts.. 3al aqal theyr safe!

on the rocks
ooooooh et9adig ana laman garait think gil mino think become chan ashoof enna mako profile fa gilt a7ad thany!

PaLoMiNo said...

7abeebti bel 3axs il haircut bel pic looks really Nice :***

ur friends shgalaw? Im sure it looks nice bas maybe entay mo met3wda 3al this look??

On-The-Rocks said...

by the way im think bas thats my other profile :)

A Journal Entry said...

Madry my friebds they tell me its not that bad.. Bs ya3ni its not that good either.. Well, I guess I'll have to live with it =/

on the rocks
7arakaaat 2 profiles o chithy! ;p

Anonymous said...

mmmm they will grow soon..use some special Oil :D

Shoush said...

So sorry 2 hear that. :/ Cut it short, yimkin 5eera and u'll actually like it this time. :)

A Journal Entry said...

heheh i'm searching for that something magical!

i think i'm gonna have to, bs galby e3awirny !

Almost Twilight said...


inshallah itll grow back bser3a

A Journal Entry said...

almost twilight
allah yisma3 minnich =/

Anonymous said...

I think her hair is so cool !!

A Journal Entry said...

madry ana mo 7abitaah killish..