Jan 28, 2010

Anonymous attack

I'm facing an attack of random unrelated anonymous comments.. its SO annoying!
help! How can I make them stop?! =s



Charmbracelet said...

Someone told me once to put the word verification=) and it stopped..
Jarbay shofay if it helps=)

FourMe said...

moderate comments or if its old post then edit post and put commenting off on it.. that's what i did when it happened to me

Zabo0o6a said...

Those Buggers!
Comment moderation babe!

Anonymous said...

tired of comments like "Very well! " or buy antibiotics online. Then write to me at icq 75949683256...

A Journal Entry said...

i think im gonna do that..

yeah its happening mostly with old posts.. i'm gonna try this if the verification didn't work =/

eee i'm gonna let that be my last resort!

Anonymous said...

loool I faced the same too for the past so many days and ended up enabling word verification and moderating coments of posts older than 15 days :)

FUZZY BEAR said...

Why do you care?

Are they negative comments?

Do the moderate comment thing, just don't make it so that the person has to have a blogger account and a bank account at NBK to post.

Now I shall search for these anonymous comments in hopes of finding some comedic value.

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i'm gonna do the same right now!

fuzzy bear
no no no not negative comments.. they are random oo malhum shighil bil salfah.. like the one in this post above!

Crystal said...

Comment moderation all the way x

Vinnie said...

Resilience and stamina
Saw Jay and Silent Bob when they wanted to kick every forum troll's a$$?

ba6alah said...

wallah khayef la a7e6 comment here o afate7 e3yonhom 3alaiy weyon blogy :P

A Journal Entry said...

ashwa the word verification seems to be doing the job! i guess!

hahahah hope that doesn't happen!!

Another-Penelope said...

Do the thing that the comments will approve by the owner something like that.

オテモヤン said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

post post post :))

Sh7afana said...

dont ;p
they are fun to read..

eshda3wa said...

oh me too

belsetting u can block anon comments

try that