Apr 19, 2010

A new life

that's what keeping me busy these days!
I'm a mother now eb fathl allah oo it feels wonderfully strange!

I can't believe how my life changed eb youm oo liala.. there is this tiny little person who's depending on me which feels like a huge responsibility.. especially that I'm new to motherhood.. latshofooni the 1st day at home after getting out of the hospital.. ubo il tedoodih! the 1st time my baby vomited I cried and was convinced that she must be having a fever even thou mom e3yizat etgoolli enna its normal for newborns to do that.. the 2nd time shilt shalayly oo ri7t wadait'ha il 6abeeb ;p

then my sis gave me the book what to expect the first year which I think every mom-to-be should have a copy of .. it was reeeeeaaally helpful I only wish I read it before giving birth to be better equipped for the baby.. il 7imdillah now I feel much more confident ;p


Zabo0o6a said...

Awwwww, JE im soo happy for you mabrook mayaj sweety o tetraba eb 3ezej inshallah :*
I bet ur the sweetest mommy ever , you wont believe how im grinning from ear to ear :D
La demand some classes for you , so when its my time ill learn from you !

FourMe said...

Mabrook mayach dear etraba eb 3izkom inshala.. so happy for you :)

zuz said...

awwww mabrook mayach wel 7emdella 3la salamtich ;** allah e5aleha lekum enshallaaah o ya36eech 5airha o yakfech sharha etc:D

Nemo said...

mabrook dear :) al7emdella 3al salama :)

A Journal Entry said...

Thaaaanx a lot dear =*
Hehehe 7athreeen .. U'll really need those classes enshallah ;)

Allah ebarik feeech dear thaaaanx a lot =*

Lol! Greetings for all occasions?! ;p
Thaaank u zuzi!

Allah esalmich nemooo thanx! =D

Anonymous said...

hey mabroook....:) may Allah shower all his blessings on you and your family!

A Journal Entry said...

thaaaank u amu =D

Another-Penelope said...

omg you become a mother ! Mashalla allah y7f'6 bentch lkm enshalla ^_^ mabrook o be patient with everything :P

Just A Bunch said...

ma sha Allah! My friend just had a baby too! 7imdella 3ala essalama, Allah yj3laha min ithurya i99al7a wo tetrabba b3izkum in sha Allah ^^

doona said...

awwwwww!! :D:D:D:D

mabrooooooook!! im so soo sooooo sooooooo happy for you wallah you haver no idea!!

tetraba eb 3izkom inshallah ;** alah ykhalech leha oo ykhaleha lich ;**

ps: soooo happy!! :D:D:D

Standy said...

aww alf alf alf alf mabroooo0k =D
such a ncie thing to read eatrly in the morning =D

yetraba fi 3izkum inshallah =)

p.s i bet you are an amazing mother ;)

A Journal Entry said...

another penelope
thaaaanx alot dear ma ga9artay =D

just a bunch
ameeeeeen.. thanx alot =D

hehehe allah ebarik feech enshallah.. mashkooora waayd =*

oh i really hope to be a good one =)
thaaaaannk u deaaar =*

No3iK said...


its totally our doctors and hospitals fault for not recommending books for us to read or even shows to watch.. not to mention no classes to attend.. most developed countries provide lamaz classes and parenting classes during pregnancy..

but we get to learn the hard way i guess .. through experience.. thats why kila egolon al bichir oho ili yakilha :p

A Journal Entry said...

i wish there were some classes here to teach the basics..

b3dain i think it was kind of my fault too ;p
kan i mafrooth i read more about what to do when the baby actually comes.. i just kept on reading books about the pregnancy itself ..