Jun 24, 2010


Whenever I'm in london, an almost daily stop for me is Marks & Spencer's food grocery on Oxford street to get me some chocolate chip cookies.. I just MUST have it everyday!

The other day while shopping at 360's M&S I found this box and I was ecstatic!

I had to grab one to try at home.. it contains 2 bags, one for the dry ingredients and another for the chocolate chips.. u'll only have to add butter and little bit of water..

Results? I can have my fav cookies right here at home! although mine was a bit buttery, I think I added a little more than what I should have.. but it sure did taste and look the same!
so much for dieting ;p


Another-Penelope said...

Can I have some? (a)

Zabo0o6a said...

Bel3afya !~
did u feed the baby? :P

Anonymous said...

Bel3afiya :)

Euphoria said...


the boudoir. said...

bil3afya loooks so good!

i got a similar ready mix box but of chocolate fudge cake from london! and i wanted to kill myself for not getting another..i had friends over and made them the cake with frosting and all and everyone wanted the recipe they were suprised it was a ready made..we cant find it anywhere now, la london wala kuwait:(

Journal Entries said...

another penelope
Nope its aaaaall mineeeee! ;p

U know, I will try my best not to feed mini me any sweets or chocolates for the 1st 2 yrs! I don't want her to develop bad habbits like her mom! ;p

Allah e3afeek ;)


the boudoir
I also got a box of ready mixed chocolate chip muffins, haven't tried them yet..bs it sure does look promising!
Bs u know what? Ready mixed cakes and cookie doesn't give the same satisfaction as making them from scratch .. It feels like cheating abit mo?! ;p

the boudoir. said...

it is cheating;p im not into ready mixes they dont taste as good as the one we make..i am like u a baker ..but have bought that ready mix bcoz i love their chocolate fudge cake soooo much and wanted to bring some with me back homeee:(
muffins sounds good!

Anwar said...

good job
they look nice ;)

Journal Entries said...

they are!
u shud give them a try ;)