Jul 6, 2010

D'finer D'liner

Don't u hate it when ur lipstick/gloss startes feathering and creating those tiny lines all around ur lips giving it that messy look? I know I do! especially when it comes to red lipsticks..
While browsing through Benefit's products I came across this beauty, a wax-like lipliner that u use to line the outside of ur lips to prevent ur lipstick/gloss from feathering..  I tried it a few times and it does work!
a biiiiiiggg hug goes to whoever invented this!


Another-Penelope said...

I so want that ! thanks.

Journal Entries said...

another penelope
i hope that u find it useful as i did =)

doona said...

i think this would be very useful!

swera said...

I love Benefot! I can't stop myself from buying whatever is there :D

bel3afia 3alech :*

Anonymous said...

thanks sweetie !! really useful

Anonymous said...

AAAH , THANK YOUU . i would want to hug him / her too .

Lipsticked Pig said...

aaah a5eeern!!
thanks for sharing :D

eshda3wa said...

oh cool never heard of it

Lost b2amreeka. said...

Oooo!!! I want!!

Journal Entries said...


i like their packaging ;p

ur welcome =)

hehehe anytime ;)

lipsticked pig
no problem ;)

its very good, i think it's gonna be a must buy from now on..

lost b2amreeka
u shud try it!