Sep 28, 2010

Water Bar

In a recent trip to Dubai we went to Dubai Mall and left the car with the valet parking, and when we came back to collect it they gave us this box as a gift..

I never thought water can be gifted but I guess I'm wrong!
I loved it!
It has a selection of 5 different types of supposidly some of the best bottled water in the world. All of them I've never heard about before.. each had a brief discription.. here they are:


2. Mondariz

3. Te Waihou

4. Tazmanian Rain

5. Ice Age

Here's their link: Water Bar


swera said...

laaaa mo men 9ijhom @@?! wanaasaaaa shakla chenna b6olat e7em e7em (3esht edooor) lol

3alech bel3afia :)

samaher tariq said...

i would love to gift it to my manger

thanx <#

Another-Penelope said...

Abeee :Dlooks great I love bottles

Euphoria said...


K.D said...

it looks great.. but.. it's water!

i mean.. water!

i do feel the different.. between avian and the regular water.. but this is.. kinda extreme!


Anonymous said...

ahaha , i thouught it was alcohol :P

Journal Entries said...

lol eeeeeee ;p

its something different!

another penelope
i loved how they looked next to each other in that box


to be honest, i only tried 2 of them.. and i couldn't notice the difference!
bs ur right, evian madry laish bs tastes heavy madry shloun..

lol ;p

a la Mocha said...

Interesting! Reminds me of the water bar in Colette (Paris). I duno wat to say.. i guess, creativity when it comes to business/marketing has no limit?

Nemo said...

wow really nice

Reema said...

this is what they call smart 'packaging'... works wonders!

Anonymous said...

looks really nice ;)

eshda3wa said...

i looove water !

تحية أم said...


Hijabs and Co said...

i prefer ice age ;)

Journal Entries said...

a la mocha
aaaahhh paris <3


yes it does!
dressing water up!

yeah it does!

as for me i noticed that i dont really drink alot of water.. not a good thing!

ta7iyat um
eee eshawig moo?!

hijabs and co
i honestly did not know the difference =s

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