Sep 20, 2008


i have two of the bangle shown above in different colours.. i love that they actually fit perfectly and don't fall off when i put my hands down (believe me when i say thats a rare find!)

but there's a problem with them.. whenever i wear them i get a rash dayer madayer eedy minhum =S
i do have allergies min il accessories il 5arboo6a oo il mo real gold.. (bent il baik ma talbis illa il real deal ;p) bs usually that happens with earings oo sometimes chain necklaces.. but i never had a problem with bracelets and bangles until i wore those two bangles .. but since i love them so much, i don't mind the rash and wear them from time to time oo put some cortisone afterwards ;p

but i think i've found a solution!
i read somewhere enna "to prevent rings from leaving a green stain on ur fingers paint a sheer polish on the inside".. and that's when a light bulb popped above my head.. maybe it'll work with my bangles!

and so i gave it a shot!

i brought my essie top coat and paintied them from the inside..

a bit messy as u can see below but it won't show ;p

i still haven't given them a try,, but i'll test them later oo i'll let u know if it works.. hopefully it will =D

Update: i wore them yesterday.. and so far there is no rash.. yaaaaay! =D


Glitter said...


Sajja, the fit perfectly and don't fall off your wrists..

Abbaih, do you know how many Vitas I own?

hmmmmm let's see..

In Python leather I have: Silver, Brown, Red,yellow, green, orange, pink, white/black

And I have also a tiger print in pony hair :-D

Have you seen the latest collection? With swarovski Crystals?
ilGold shy 3ajeeb, wl black b3d... wl Ivory kha6er...

hmmmmm chinny wayed infa3alt :-/

Charmbracelet said...

cool..I never wore bangles..I think I should start =p..they look good..inshalla that experiment of yours works!!=)

3anooda said...

mub chaneh bay9eer dabig bil topcoat???

Fastidious Babe said...

oh! i would generally stop wearing something if it stains.. bs mashalla! lol i like how u researched it! do tell us if it works! xx

A Journal Entry said...

heheh.. someone is addicted!
i only have the one shown oo another dark green python.. i loved them all i took soooo much time to decide on which one to take!

bs i haven't seen the new ones yet..

charmbracelet n
enshallah atmanna ena it does!

now that it dried out it doesn't feel sticky at all.. but kil shay ra7 ebayin when i wear them for a long time!

fastidious babe
heheh that's how much i love them!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

it should work!

i used to do that to the accessories i was in love with so they wouldnt change color ;)

f7ee7eely said...

eg3aaaaaad florence:P

Silver said...

the bracelets r so pretty mashala min wain? ;)

hope ur experiment works!

Glitter said...

Yes i'm addicted coz like you said, it's hard o find bracelets that fit your wrists and are this gorgeous :-)

But hey they do NOT stain!

They're one top brand, all genuine python leather and gold clasp.

Go check them out @ darUSHA*

tra bil sij a7la mn ilsoora, wl alwaan illy 3indom akthur.

Lo ma 3indy ilsilver, chan khathatit ilsilver bo crystals, shy e3aqqid..
I took Gold, Black/white.

PaLoMiNo said...

I guess it will work! :)

tell us how it goes:)

Big Pearls said...

hope it works:)

A Journal Entry said...

allaaaah wanasa!
3ad i had this ring ta'3ayar loonah.. chan zain i knew about that earlier =/

heheheh ee wallah yabeelah! ;p

i got them min closet candy.. bs chinna glitter says they sell them ba3ad fe darUSHA..

la la la they don't stain... they case a rash to appear on my hand.. e9eer a7mar oo e7ikny =S

ohhh i loved the gold, silver, and bronze ones!

if my experiment works i'll buy some!

enshallah.. i will =)

big pearls
enshallah allah yisma3 minnich =)

Anonymous said...

Good idea! I hope it works:)

FourMe said...

I'm exactly like you can't wear fake crap wila tshtghil 3alay el allergies :/

I use the nail polish coating alot and it does help .. wil cortisone 7ada 7abeeb hehe ra7imny 9arla esneen..

what i do is add the cream on the earing it self before wearing it, etha ma nefa3 ilcoating try tadhneen edich bil cream gabil la talbseen el bangle trust me it helps alot..

Anonymous said...

shakla it will work... it makes sense to work;p o i3jibatnii bint il baik;p

jooj said...

sooo cute! thats such a good idea
I have the same problem so I feel for you :P
Once I got a rash around my neck in the shape of the necklace I was wearing it scared the #$%^ out of me!

A Journal Entry said...

enshallah =)

will try that etha ma nifa3 il polish.. thaanx for the tip! =)

A Journal Entry said...

purely orchid
wallah enshallah allah yisma3 minnich.. heheh ba3ad shasawy! =)

ee wallah mushkila hathy =/

Delicately Realistic said...

Khosh fikra !

Another tip a make up lady at Vavavoom told me is this....the number of the shade of foundation i use always wears off !! O kil mara i have to guess which one i use...chan tgoli paint a coat of clear nail polish on top of the number and voila !

eshda3wa said...

yallah inshallah itll work!

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

oh thnx really, i'll try too:)

A Journal Entry said...

delicately realistic
wanasa wallah hathy illy 5oosh fikrah!
thaaanx! =)

hehe enshallah! =)

anytime ;)

Anonymous said...

yay I am happy for you as I hate the feel when u get after wearing accessories.

Hamitaf La B. said...

if it works do tell.. i have a ring that makes my finger moo bes green..... bes I love it toooo much =)

3anooda said...

PS. I invented my own tag. I need answers. Help me out.

Squirreliya said...

yay 7addich thakiyaaaaaaaa mashallah :p

MeeMzZ said...


it9adgeen i never were bangles o0 i will never were them!!... although, i do were them in you know...certain occasions;p

A Journal Entry said...

eeee i'm happy for me 2!!

it works ! =D
give it a try urself

heheh already done ;)

hahaha eee i know!! ;p

9ij? why don't u?? is it bcoz u don't like them willa shino?!

MeeMzZ said...

wallah madree laish?!;p maybe because i'm not used to it!!;p

A Journal Entry said...

eeee it takes time to get used to something on ur arms..