Sep 3, 2008

Black Bottom

So today i've decided to do Black Bottom Cupcakes.. i got the recipe min nafs il site illy i got the carrot cake's from.. gosh this site has some really good recipes that are kindda easy to make.. which suits me just perfectly ;p

il muhim, i followed the steps one by one..

placed the mixture bil muffins tray

and added the filling

oo since the batter 6ala3 wayd fa i put the rest in a mini cupcake's tray..

in goes the 1st tray:

here's my muffins half way through

bs as i watched them bake, il cream cheese filling did not sink into the middle like it's supposed to, and the batter did not become like "a shell for the cheesecake filling" .. fa radait 3al recipe wila maktoob "place it into the center of the chocolate mix" wana 3abaly onto! =s

good thing the minies are still unbaked.. fa 7awalt adiz il cream cheese lai da5il bil spoon ;p

my minies:

aaaand here are the muffins all ready for me to eat! :

i know the filling is on top of them.. but they sure do taste goooood!

the mini ones turned out to look a bit messy on top .. but they were better than the big ones.. so if u ever wanted to make these cupcakes use the mini tray ..

oo allah esallimkum that's all for today! ;)


ManalQ8 said...

ما شاء الله
شكلة حلو


عليكم بالعافية تسلم الايادي

A Journal Entry said...

allah e3afeech 7abeebty =)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

looks very yummy :D

tra youre making me rethink my "No Kitchen Ever" pact :S

Anonymous said...

oooh yummy they look so good!..
3ad ana hal ayaam bas agra cook books oo the seem to keep me full.. today I tried making an oreo cheese cake but the end result was a disaster!!
faa ista7ait I post the pictures;p.. but maybe my next creation will be posting material;p *fingers crossed*

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

allah shakla eshaweg ..
teslam edayatech

dezelena neq9a ;p

eshda3wa said...

3alaikm bel3afya
7ade i wana bake!

Delicately Realistic said...

Tislam eedich !!! LOOOOOKS SOOOO YUMMY !!!!!

Meticulous said...

you know el small cupcakes maloot candy? bel shwai5? those remind of that...yummmmmmmy !!

Um Mit3ib said...

6arshay baitnaaaa :P

Hamitaf La b said...

ya5ee el wa7ed laman ekoon 9ayem oo bel dawam oo eshoof chithee ashya2... NO COMMENT!!

Bebe n' Noonie said...

wannnassaa they look yummy !!

Anonymous said...


A Journal Entry said...

heheh heeyah that's my aim ;p
yallah sjow us ur cooking skills ;)

3ad il cook books 3indy ma76oo6een 3al coffe table.. bs at9afaa7 oo achafis the corner of the papers 3alashan asaweehum bil future ;p

come on! show us what u did!

afa 3alaich min 3yoony! entay bs gooleely mita tabeenha ;p

allah e3afeech.. wallah it's so much fun! 5a9atan now i have wagt 6uweel between il fu6oor oo when i finish from work.. fa it helps pass the time =)

delicately realistic
allaaah esalmich thaaanx ;)

eeee i love candy's black bottoms!
that's why as soon as i saw the recipe i've decided to do it ;)

um mit3ib
tamreeen amur ;p

hamitaf la b
heheh i knoooow killish mo 5oosh shay!

thaanx .. u should give them a try ;p

A Journal Entry said...

kaahum bil fridge 3indy ;p

Anonymous said...

looks delicious!!! I might try to make this tonight..

A Journal Entry said...

do give it a try.. it's worth it ;)

Anonymous said...

ya7lailich walla lich 5ilg:P bel 3afya!!!!

Miss.Shiness;$ said...

WOOOOOW!! Mashallaaah waaaayed shakkla yshawweg ;)

Bel 3aafya;**..

J o u j a™ said...

mahsallah shakla YUMMY :D
3leech bel 3afya swets ,, inshallah 5ashtay lena shwaya bs ;p

Unbroken Circle said...

Bon apetite:)

Anonymous said...

*drools* yummy I want them :D

Mashallah they look really nice :)

3alech bil3afiya...

:::ShoSho::: said...

Looks heavenly!

A Journal Entry said...

ee wallah athaye3 wagt gabil il fu6oor ;p

allaah e3afeech =D

mita ma tabeen entay bas aaamray ;p

unbroken circle
merci beaucoup ;)

allaah e3afeeek..
thaanx =)

they do 9a7?! ;p

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

mashalla eshawgooon:)
can i ask? may i have the site which u found many good recipes for my mom,please?:) thank you.

A Journal Entry said...

sure! it's:

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

thnx so much really:)

A Journal Entry said...

anytime ;)

3anooda said...

shakleh wayid 7ilu - please dizeeli il recipe on my email

A Journal Entry said...

ok done =)