Mar 30, 2009

Never having another glass of Nailtini!

I'm a very loyal Nstyle customer, but since my fav manicurist is on vaycay oo emyatmatni, o since mo ga3da a7a9il 3indihum mawa3eed bil awqat illy etnasibni, gilt why not give Nailtini a try?

So I did! Oo I loved the atmosphere. but the service?
one word: BAD

MBC 2 was on the tv screen oo i swear enna she was looking at the screen most of the time!! she scrubs and buffs while watching tv oo ettani7 between tasks!!

oo as if that's not enough, she was rude!
eta2ammar 3alai min ghair using plz..
"put ur foot down." "give me ur other foot" eb nazrah! 7atan one of those times I was flipping through a magazine o wasn't paying attention to what she was doing wila tgooly "soap" .. ma sima3t'ha chan etrid etgool "soap".. i looked up at her chan tgool "PUT UR HAND BIL SOAP"!!
shino hatha wain ga3deen?!

Oo 7atan no one offered me something to drink! the irony! Nailtini oo they gave me nothing to drink!!

I think the management over there must pay attention to those minor issues (or shall I say major??). le2ana with that kind of service they'll lose customers, they lost me for sure.

aaaah wainich ya Dina (my manicurist) oo wain il dalaaal illy kintay em3ayshatni feeh.. 7ata il jan6a etsheelha 3ani la baghait a6la3 oo etzahibly sweechy 3ashan I don't ruin my polish...

(plz excuse the low quality phone image)


zuz said...

ge6ee3aa mashtehy wa7da eta2amar 3ad ana:s chan zafaiteha!! wllah 5osh:@!!

Anonymous said...

Try bubbles nail spa..they are good.

Fastidious Babe said...

i like the name and the logo! too bad the service doesnt live up!

AHAM shay il service.. my nail place isnt as high profile but the ladies there are super friendly.. it matters! x

Zaina said...

ya kerh ilii chthiii!

itkalmich ib nafsiya! chinnich it6ireeen minha! machiniich daf3a!

Zabo0o6a said...

Oh that's bad :/
well i always go to Nail Polish which is amazing by the way if you ask for Jenny or Lucy ;)

A Journal Entry said...

ma zafait'ha , bs i didn't give her a tip!

i've tried them b4 when they 1st started, they were good.. bs i went to them like 3 weeks ago oo they weren't as good.. my polish chipped the 2nd day!

fastidious babe
yeah they do have a nice logo.. oo the place inside waaayd 7ilo.. bs as u said, it's the service that counts..

ee exactly! =/

i've never been i do want to try them sometime.. i'll make sure to choose the manicurists u've mentioned ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

aby mukan esawoon a nice french mani..i tried alf mukan oo none worked properly cz i kinda have retarded nails =(

Even Sweeter said...

omg walla the same exact thing happened to me there...

the girl was extermly rude to me bs i decided to shut her up... ma ashteghel 3indaha ana!!

Honestly, I won't go back there lo sheno!

and try cleo they do great service

She's Enigma said...

When someone mentions bad service the only thing come to mind is Damascus restaurants V.V.rude they just throw things at you like ur in some dirty cheap bar :@@

anything homemade a7sn 3n mjablt service like that!!

On-The-Rocks said...

i dont usually talk like this bass i think she's having her monthly period :P

Diablo said...

when i read the title i was like what a disgusting name for a drink .. 6ala3 shay thani loool

- F said...

LOOOL!!! I've never been a fan of nail bars! I get my manicurist home yep we have cool home nail services here in Dubai mdri loo ento 3ndkm but it is the best! But sometimes it is hard to get an appointment but that's why I call 2 places they have the best service and they come all the way home so it is much relaxing!

3aliya said...

ee i agree with anonymouse bubbles nail spa is the best!!;p

A Journal Entry said...

hmmm wallah il 9ara7a madry wain.. 9arly mudda ma sawait french..

even sweeter
ee zain sawaitay wallah!
i've heard about cleo enna for hair they'r good.. bs never been there..

she's enigma
kinda like the soop natzi from Seinfeld?!

on the rocks
7atan law, still mo ma3thoorah!

imagine if it was a name of a drink, eek!

wallah there is this good company right here that comes to houses.. bs madry i like the experience of actually going to a nail bar.. it's fun!

madry laish ana a7is enhum mo mithil ma they 1st started...

Delicately Realistic said...

I love Nstyle but i can never get an now regularing at Bubbles ;>

No identity.. said...

OH MY GOD ... thats soooo rude... for any services business, attitude comes rank one important... alhamdullah i have home service here in oman as well... she comes when i want and she takes her time we teshta'3al be '9ameer ...

Anonymous said...

ee i had a bad experience there that made me never go back! the manicurist kept cutting the cuticles very close and i kept warning her but she would dismiss it, laima she hurt me and it wouldn't stop bleeding!
o mako la management wala shay o bas kilmat sorry i6la3at minhom.. jad minqahra!

eshda3wa said...

6a3 hathyyyy

daf3a flooos oo 7altich 7ala oo akher shay hathi mo3amalthum!

Candy said...

halaaa JE;
i'll tell ya somethin =D
el nas badat temda8 my nails since i was in high school its weird :S
they always thought its been taken cared of them,but they r good mn allah 6abee3y so i only polish them bas mn kether ma et3awadt polishing them,ppl r always astonished the way i polish they think i've done it in saloon but no,am taking care of them by myself,so i'll do it for ya if i can instead of that B**** .

Oranjina fadidra said...

what was her name? the lady who did ur mani

Anonymous said...

I like their name though :)

Silver said...

you should have bitch slapped her back to where she came from

Big Pearls said...

I quite like Bubbles. It's kind of easy to get an appointment and the place is really cosy.

Eulalia said...

heeeeey! im finally back so i have a lot of catching up to do! im trying to read the posts i missed ;s anyhoo ive been in an experience with someone like that and i made a fuss oo i ended up having a free service:)

PaLoMiNo said...

Nailtini sucks!!!!!!!!!!!
ow they dont offer drinks u know why????? coz u have to pay for it!!! kil salon they offer drinks!

mara i asked for water wela lama a6la3 df3tny for the water?! wth?!?! min mutaa???!?!?!

laaah o mara i had an appointment, lama we9alt wa7da yaya metakhir makhtha mokaany o gale le wait 15 mins, i ended up waiting 1 hr o 3al fathy akhir shy 3a9bt o 6al3t!
wee3 wee3 i went twice o tooooba i will never go there!

libero anima said...

chan eshtekaity !

i love Nbar :D

A Journal Entry said...

delicately realisticYeah it difficult getting an appointment with them =/

no identityU know, it's the experience I like when going to a nail bar, it's fun!

Chinnich et7acheen 6oofah!

eshda3waEe bil thab6!

candyAshwa eftakaitay 3an 3awar il ras wil loyah!

oranjina fadidraWallah jad I don't rwmember, all I remember is that she has a shoulder length hair oo she was putting on a lot of accessories..

amuYeah the name is ..

silverThat would have felt good!

big pearlsTrue, its very easy getting an appointment with bubbles..

eulaliaWelcome baaaaaaack dear!
U've been missed greatly ;¤

palominoNo waaaaay!
3ad water should be a free service!

libero animaGilt ashtiky eb my blog ;p

Eulalia said...

7abeeebti :**

Fanatic said...

best manicure ever ib Utopia!!!

A Journal Entry said...


fanaticwhat i like about utopia is the massage chairs at the sink!
wanasaaah! =D

Fanatic said...

Kilshay ib Utopia 7lwwww:p Im ADDICTED to it:p

Anonymous said...

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