May 6, 2009

Spring cleaning – Part 1

The past few days were hectic with me doing some spring cleaning and letting go of the clothes that have been hanging in there for more than two years without being touched once.

Parting away with some of my clothes was really hard! As much as I try to stick to that 2 years rule I can't help hesitating and thinking enna laaa I might need it later on.. fa usually I fail miserably in getting rid of them!

Bs this year was different. I came across words of wisdom that i found on a post on Re-nest that were so good it made me star that post for future refrence.

It said that u must practice SHED. Which is an abbreviation for "Separate the treasures, Heave the trash, Embrace your identity and connect to who you are without your stuff, and Drive forward"

So I wrote SHED on a paper and put it in front of me to motivate me everytime I had doubts, o it worked! i finally got rid of some of the items that i had for (gasp) 6 years!! =D

bye bye u once-upon-a-time loved pieces. hope u find a better home where u be of help to a person in need..



Anony said...

6 yrs :O

*waves bye for the stuff* :P

A Journal Entry said...

anonyi know!!
bs wallah i love that dress its too comfy. actually i still do! bs ya3ni ma9akht'ha!!

zina said...

i know!
it's hard 4 me too 2 get rid of things i love,
but good 4 you ;D
waiting part 2 ;)

atoona said...

omg.. i know how hard it gets. i too find it hard to part with un-useful stuff that carry "memories"!

SHED.. i'll need to remember that, thx ;p

A Journal Entry said...

they just grow on u!

we just keep on cluttering stuff =/

zuz said...

lucky u:(, i have two closets and i cant touch them!!HELP:(

A Journal Entry said...

zuzu need a hell lot of strength o quwat erada!

Candy said...


don't get rid of them :O
cute doll :O

A Journal Entry said...

candymo wagta et7ab6een 3azaymi! ;p

eshda3wa said...

good for u!

i know the feeling all too well!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

entay where have you been!! =\

Candy said...

9a7 kalam dandoon wain e5tafaity,i hv my momment where i don't believe the dashboard updates i visit ur blog personally :S

A Journal Entry said...

eshda3wayup! it was hard but i'm proud of myself! =)

dandoon & candyi knooow enny emga9ra =(
bs u know when u really have NOTHING to say!? min 9ijjy kint magdar afta7 il blogger!

bs i was hoping enni anazil post chithi o ma7ad ela7ith eni min ziman i didn't post ;p

A Journal Entry said...
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Dala said...

Words of wisdom! It is so true.. people have a tendancy to attach themselves to material things... all that does is take away from their personality!

Ruby Woo said...

I hate spring cleanings!! I get emotional when I get rid of things.

Big Pearls said...

I hate cleaning!

Bahrain Fashion said...

Love this post. Interesting. Touching. And engaging ;)

Silver said...

shaja3tene i do some shedding myself;p

A Journal Entry said...

dalaYeah.. as hard as it is, in the end it feels so much better..

ruby wooYeah, some pieces grow on u illi it feels like part of ur family!

big pearlsI hate it too!

bahrain fashionHeheh!
Yeah.. It was a hard task!

silverU should!
U'll feel lighter later on!