Dec 10, 2009

Rare commodity

Sipping my fav morning drink.. I realized that it was the last box of chocolate milk in the fridge.. and with the KDD factory not functioning after the fire I can't seem to find it on any co-op's shelf =(

so I had to take a pic as a memory.. who knows when is the next time I'm gonna have another one =(

the funny thing enna right after that and when checking my reader I saw this post.. hahah! it seems that I'm not the only one missing it!

the question is what brand has the 2nd best chocolate milk?? last time I bought almara3i's bs ma jarrabtah still.. any recommendations would be appreciated!


Single said...

nesquick or cadburry but im not sure if they have cadbury in kuwait. nesquick can be found in sultan center for kd 1.250 a bottle.

Anonymous said...
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A Journal Entry said...

nesquick have an actual drink?? ma kint adry i anly know about their chocolate powder.. i'll be giving them a try ;)

Zaina said...

It's the same with me.. but instead of chocolate milk it's coffee... Starbucks have been out of stock for a few weeks now... i'm so tired of waiting...

atoona said...

seriously? KDD factory actually burnt down ?!
yaa elaheeee, ya3ne what are the ODDS!!
it's my Favorite!.. i always bring a few 6-packs with me here.
looks like i wont be getting any this time :'(

can't think of any recommendations, nothing tastes quite like KDD milk choc.

*atoona prays for it to Not become extinct*

A Journal Entry said...

ashwanni i'm not a huge starbucks fan ;p

eeee takahyilay!!

i am sure as well enna there is nothing out there that can compare to KDDs chocolate milk bs gilt i "might" be wrong..

Lady GiGi said...

wht has the world come to??? HOW CAN THERE BE NO KDD CHOCOLATE MILK? its without snow, like the sea without fish, the sky without stars, *gigi starts getting a distant look in her eyes...* like a forest without trees, like....*cough* ok i think you get my point almost lost it there.

Livingmylife said...

akrah kelmat commodity .. i had an exam today o kel so2al feeh commodity! ;(

wayed nas met2azmeeen 3ala el choc. milk from kdd ..i hear their auctioning the last box?

no im kidding hopefully they'll fix everything and it'll be in the jam3iyat in no time

dont sweat it!


Anonymous said...

loool I have few at home want some? :)

A Journal Entry said...

lady gigi
yes i got it ;p
bs it's true!! theres nothing like it out there =/

hehehe i like the sound of it 3ayal ;p

i hope so too! =)

i think u can make alot of money out of them.. auction them like livingmylife suggested ;p
one must seize such opportunities mo?? ;)

Mad Art said...

Well, my Fav here in KSA is صافيو.
I don't know if u have it in Q8, but if u do give it a try ;)

Your post made me laugh ;D <3

Mad Art said...

How come i can't follow u as a reader ;( ??

eshda3wa said...

ymdi7oon kd cow

ana bageeli like 10 left ...

tabeen wa7ed?

im really missing the gaimar :(

A Journal Entry said...

mad art
we have 9afi danoon is it the same?! i'll check if we do next time i go to the supermarket =)

it means alot to me that u want to follow me thaaaaaaaaaanx! =D
bs i really don't know why u can't!! i mean i'm not blocking followers or anything ;)

ma 3umri jarrabtah il 9ara7a..
i have like 7 from the mini gaimar... wanna trade??! ;p

Mad Art said...

No no, it's not the same. I hate Danoon ;\ Try to find it.
And i'll check wt's with the following box .

A Journal Entry said...

mad art
oh ok!
i will try and find it ;)

Anonymous said...

that would be a new way to earn money kdd milk for KD 1 ;p

A Journal Entry said...

Oooooh ra7 et6alli3 thahab ;p

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats KDD Chocolate Milk!! :*

Just A Bunch said...

Besides KDD I LOOOVE Galaxy; it's amazing. Cadbury is nice too.

First comment here; nice blog! ^^

A Journal Entry said...

3al sre3
i agree 100%

just a bunch
i haven't tried any of them,, i'll check them out!

glad u like it... thanx alot! =D

Just A Bunch said...

ur welcome, ^^
yeah, do try 'em out & let us know what u think ;)