Dec 15, 2009

Having a lil Me Time

If u haven't tried Me Time nail spa what are you waiting for?!

I like trying out nail salons so when i heard about Me Time I wanted to give it a try and was not able to do so until a few days back and I loved it!

I liked the atmosphere.. the place was clean and they use Autoclave sterilizing for their equipment.. the sofa was reaaaally comfy and has an adjustable back.. it also has an option for back massage if u want.. oo the coolest thing enna u have ur own TV screen with a headset oo ur own remote control to watch the channels u want! wanasaaah! all that and the pricing was very reasonable, I expected it to be in the range of Bubbles bs it wasn't.. 11 KD for a regular pedi/mani!

This place will definitely be me #1 choice from now on! (sorry my beloved Nstyle.. bs u have to admit enna the facilities over there are much better!)

(plz excuse the low quality phone images)


Zabo0o6a said...

I usually go to nail polish, but might give it a try next time ;)

Faith said...

Why do I always find out about the good places in Kuwait right after I come back from there.
I’d go there regularly just for the cool drawings on the walls ;D

A Journal Entry said...

let me know if u like it if u do ;)

aren't they cute?!
3ad its location is convenient.. it's in the avenues so its the perfect place for the end of a loooong shopping spree ;p

Mad Art said...

Sounds gr8. I'll try it when i visit Q8 insha'lla ;)

A Journal Entry said...

mad art
eee as i said to faith above, it's the perfect ending for a long shopping day ;)

coffee-42 said...

I should try it :)

No identity.. said...

(back massage if u want.. oo the coolest thing enna u have ur own TV screen with a headset oo ur own remote control to watch the channels u want! wanasaaah!).... thats indeed wanasa.... i wish its here in muscat but for its a mast stop whenever i visit kuwait.. :-)

Lady GiGi said...

allaah la lazm i try inshallah :)

Standy said...

why dont we have this in Oman??

9ara7a its amazing =)
i like it.. and i want it =(

Anonymous said...

everyone said I should try it ;p I cant say that :D looks nice..glad u liked it ;) I like their website design!

zina said...

i wish i can fly 2 kuwait right now XD

A Journal Entry said...

U should! =)

no identity
Enshallah u will ;)

lady gigi
Eeee wallah its worth giving it a try!

Yallah shidday 7ailich oo 9eeray min a97ab il masharee3 oo birng one urself to Oman ;)

Hahaha no u can't ;p
Yeah I lilke it too!

Heheh enshallah next time u come and have time u try it out ;)

FourMe said...

that looks like a dentists clinic :/
the colours are too pale wil chair reminds me off a dentist chair.. no matter how good i wouldnt go there.. it scares me :/

Anonymous said...

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Zabo0o6a said...

Me no likey, lousy staff :(

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Faith said...

iTS Always a pleasure 2 give youself a treat

I'm glad u liked it =p

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Anonymous said...

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Maya.ideas said...

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A Journal Entry said...

i think the image quality is the problem ;p

et9adgeen ur not the 1st one to say that.. i know 2 of my friends that said the same thing!
i might reconsider them after all ;p
i'll give them another try then decide whether to let them replace Nstyle or not ;p

yup.. a person needs some pampering every now and then =)

i knoooow!!
just did ;p

will do!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful posts on Me time!
yours truly,
The team at Me Time Nail Spa :)