May 15, 2010


As soon as i saw this ad i knew that i want to have this particular shade shown in it.. but that wasn't an easy task! everywhere i went to it was not available, i even searched for it with no luck during my short trip to Dubai ..

bs i finally got  my hands on one.. found it in Faces 360... u can imagine my happiness when i had my fingers wrapped around the carrier bag ;p

its the simple silly things that can make ur day =)


Another-Penelope said...

ALLaaaah chanel, Me want :D and glad u found it ^_^

A Journal Entry said...

another penelope
its texture is reeeeeaaally nice

zuz said...

3alaich bel3afiaa bs lonha mu embayyen 3dil ;p

Charmbracelet said...

Yea ur right=) that's great

Zabo0o6a said...

Yaay , 3alaij bell3afya ;)

Mademoiselle said...

I've been looking for it everywhere!
thanks for sharing!
now you know where i'll be heading first thing tomorrow morning


A Journal Entry said...

if u've seen the ad campaign its the one featured in it..

yeah! ;)

allah e3afeech =D

give them a call b4 u do.. coz chinna the only had one left aw shay chithy.. i really hope u find it! =)

3aliya said...

ive seen the ad and i love the color... inshallah i'll be getting one soon!<3

* L said...

I got that too
all from the add
but my task getting it wasnt as hard as yours, just popped into one store , though i was lucky it was the last one :)

Anonymous said...

this is 1 perfect lipstick

A Journal Entry said...

its lovely!

lucky u ;p
yeah there's something about that add,, maybe coz its not the expected red shade almost always used in ads.. or the fact that the one modeling it is sooooo pretty! ;p

it's my 1st chanel lipstick.. only tried their lipglosses before,, bs as u said its perfect! loooooove the texture..

Karamilah said...

i know how you feel, it depressed me that when i look for something I never find it.

eshda3wa said...

i love the shade !

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i never thought i would.. ya3ni i went in oo asked them knowing enna the answer would be that they don't have it.. bs ashwaaaa that wasn't the case =D

soooo summery!

samaher said...

what an amazing pictures here
sometimes silly things help us get through college , work or even problems

No3iK said...

totally in love with ur photography!

glad u got it! great shade :)

A Journal Entry said...

thaanx! =D

thaaaaank u! =D
the credit goes to my Nikon D60!
it is! i use it now almost daily ;p