May 10, 2010

Mission: Shopping spree

As soon as I gave birth I couldn't wait to go shopping again!
sometimes being pregnant makes u feel like an old fashioned person.. I don't know why u rarely find stylish maternity wear ya3ni why does the majority of clothes have to be so blah!?
fa min il shahar il 6 wana a3ani bil hdoom.. il 7imdillah the weight that I gained was in the normal range.. oo after delivery i almost lost half of that weight fa finding clothes that fit will be easy right?
wa3alaya 3alay when I went shopping the 1st time only to an9idim enna kilshay elawi3 il chabd 3alay.. went into the fitting room with 4 dresses and 3 blouses to try on and came out with ZERO items to buy! waaaai3!

nothing fits nicely ='(
Mission: shopping spree
Result: big fat FAILURE

Next mission? gym subscription



Zabo0o6a said...

Waaaih allah y3eenej , yalla it's alright why don't you sign up with a nutrition or somthing?
I lost around 11 kg's while i was preparing for my wedding and stuff so all my clothes sara 5yaam :/
Now i gained back 2 kilo's o lai3a chabdey :(
bs aren't you breast feeding?

Anonymous said...

Good Luck in finding the clothes :)

zuz said...

3aady egoloon first baby is the hardest! ana my cousin maskeena kanat so skinny o soooo stylish :p 3ogb her first baby madry et3abil eb jesemha wela eb lebs'ha o ma3ndha wagt etro7 gym, loya :p , bs after 7 months mashallah wayed eth3afat o 9aar fe control;p

Shaimizzle said...

Aww :/ Hope the next shopping trip is a success. Good luck!

P.S. Mabrook ma yakom. :)

A Journal Entry said...

i'm watching my food intake.. il 9ra7a i love food too much that i cant go on a real foodless diet (3ayl laish eta7al6imain ha?! ;p )
la bas as i said i'm eating everything bs in small quantities..

deeray balich la tzeedeen akthar. 2 kilos r easy to loose don't worry..

i was breastfeeding bs not anymore..

i envy u guys.. bs tif9al dishadeesh oo shwayat tshirt 3ala cham trousers/shorts oo khala9 =/

il kil egoolli wait untill 6 months thats when u go back to almost normal.. bs i'm afraid enna il karsha will be hard to loose =/

i REALLY hope so too!
oo allah ebarik feech mashkoorah =D

3aliya said...

aww first of all i never knew you were pregnant!!;o

anyways MABROOOK

and latit'6ayigayn... im sure it's worth it!:D

eshda3wa said...


JE ull lose the weight in due time

laa testa3yelain

and im sure ur look as hot as ever !

Another-Penelope said...

thats why Im afraid of being pregnant ;/

A Journal Entry said...

allah ebarik feeeech ;D
il 7imdillah it is =)

can't wait to get rid of il karsha il 9ara7ah =/

another penelope
see i might be complaining here bs as eshda3wa said, its completely worth it il 7imillah =)

No3iK said...


maternity clothes are a big nono!
i never shopped maternity instead u should buy regular flowy dresses
theyre always more stylish
and can be found almost anywhere! i always got a size or two bigger than mine and voila! looks gr8

and i would also recommend a gym ;)

A Journal Entry said...

ee bs it was not an easy task!
kilshay 7ilo wayd ma yi9la7.. it was torture seeing them and not being able to wear them ;p

i'm going to subscribe to one by the end of the month.. i have to wait since i had a c-section =/

swera said...

Try the Dukan Diet, it's an amzing french diet that will suit u perfectly! I cant say for sure how good it is! im only in my 2nd day but i kinda feel good about myself :)

I will post about it after i complete 10 days :D

Journal Entries said...

i'll wait for ur review =D