Dec 25, 2008

Forcing the love

My mobile beeps, it’s a msg:

“There comes a point in ur life when u realize. Who matters, who never did, who won’t anymore, and who always will. Some don’t worry about ppl from ur past. There is a reason why they didn’t make it to the future. Send this to everyone u don’t want to loose in 2009, including me, if u care. Try to collect12 it’s not easy”

U see this bold italic sentence?? I HATE It!
Ya3ni u send me this msg akeeeeed I will send it back to u!
Mo 6eeb minny bs u made me feel obliged to do so.. Killish ma feeha mi9daqiyah..

Fa ppl plz STOP forwarding hal type of msgs.. or erase the last part before u do.. let other ppl send u what they wanna send mo what u naw3an ma force them to!


La said...

hehe shitsawiin ba3ad. u don't have refwded

FourMe said...

I never fwd back if I don't like them..

La said...

why r u at home bil weekend? i have a daughter to watch and no place to go

3anooda said...

emotional blackmail - i hate those forwards

even worse the religious ones ili at the end it says stuff like "u would send this if it was a joke so why dont u do the same for this email"


Think-Become said...

ana i think illy 9ij e7ibny edig 3alai and not send me a message.. a message wont do anything its WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!

Livingmylife said...

i TOTALLY AGREE .. a9lan ana marid .. i DONT care


Anonymous said...

welii ysaweeha delete o chena el 3eed?? :P

and if i like the person i wont forward it .. i'll send a personal msg

i hate forward msgs!

zina said...

i received the same sms and i decided not 2 sent it 2 any1 :P

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i never send it back bs 3naaaad ;Pp

A Journal Entry said...

hehehe la i just posted then went out! ;)
ya36eech il 3afyah.. hatha illy egoloon yiza il waldain 3ala allah =)

i should follow ur strategy!

ha chinna a new pic bil profile? ;)
wain ra7 i love my attitude?!

hahaha.. don't even get me started on those!

6ab3an il graab 7ala thanya.. mithil ma gilt il msg ma yinfa3 ma3ahumm lazim eti9al coz it's more personal..

living my life
wallah zain etsaween!
ana lil asaf arid =/

heheh fakaitay 3umrich!
oo i agree, thola il forwards killish mo personal.. u don't feel special..

la ana lil asaf yatny 3 times oo in all 3 times i replied =/

hehehe a3arif hathy il 7alah illy laman et3andeen oo ma7ad dara 3anich.. bs ga3id et3andeen 3umrich!

Zabo0o6a said...

Got this msg 3 days ago , deleted it cheni madrey :P
Sumtimes i'd just forward it back to the same person who send it, that's it !

Lili3 said...

I hate these kind of msg's it bothers me to resend anything XP

Anonymous said...

I hate those msgs ;/

moi said...

ma7eb those kinds of msgs;\ 7dhom mojamaaaalaaat:P

zuz said...

waaai 9ij hal msgs 7dhom qatha;\! o endez qasban 3lena:P!

ZuZu said...

LooL I got it too bas 7adah skip :P

J o u J a™ said...

i got the exact same msg ;p

Nemo said...

lool ignore them :p

Fastidious Babe said...

lol i never reply to those msgs XD or fwd them for that matter!

liked the first part tho lol x

eshda3wa said...

i never fwd msgs

Venus said...

wallah sis,
i extremeley hate this 7araka @@
hope u pp OUT THERE,
read this blog and drop dead @@
enjoy ur eve.
btw; yaaay! update, update,update as u can & hwen ur time let u so, coz there is followers ^^
c ya

A Journal Entry said...

Thats exactly what i do.. I only fwd them to the person who sent it!

Heheh ee i agree.. It's a hassle!

Aren't they annoying?! =/

7adda mujamalah!

Eshdarrany 3anhum =/

Wallah zain entaseen!

3ad did u send it back?!

I must.. Starting from the net msg i get!

fastidious babe
it kinda is

la i sometimes do, if their funny oo chithy..

Thaaaanx alot sweety for ur kind words =D
I'm trying my best to post as often as i can ;)

Gee said...

bethaaaaaaaab6 !!

i hate forward msgs in general a9lan ;@

jooj said...

lol i applaud you on this post!! i feel the exact same way i hate those kinds of msgs w y3ne bl'6b6 theyre soooo obliging you to send it back to them :P and even then, i dont :P

A Journal Entry said...

Ana hal anwa3 min il msgs 9ij etnarfizny

I will follow this policy from now on!

Zaina said...

anaa ASHKARA marid :P lol ;p

saway rou7ich inna mawsalat ilmsg :P
it happens;p

Ruby Woo said...

they send emails like this also.. people are just annoying!

Btw, I don't forward it back to them. A7san 3ashan yit'adibon!

BeBe said...

i dont usually forward back to the same person :P
but i like those msgs their fun to read :P

libero anima said...

yeah it makes to sense to me ! ya3ne u know that u're special to me , u dnt need to force me to send it bk to u =p

loool . i always think that it's a way for the line companies to get more money by u sending more msgs =p

PaLoMiNo said...


yani yani ;p
Deleted 3ala 6ool ;p

Anonymous said...

Calling all bloggers

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!

I get those on a daily basis. But, they're always from people I I end up having to respond. e.e

A Journal Entry said...

i doubt it!

ruby woo
ana 5ala9 qarrart enn ma arid 3alaihum!

not always =/

libero anima
wallah this is something ma astab3id enna esawoonah!

heeeeeyah ur baaaack! =D

wallah zain etsaween!

this has to be posted about..

miss fluff
thanx alot! =D

yeah i'm not saying enna theyr from ppl i don't like , bs 7atan law i still feel forced!

Technogal said...

I've received the same message but without the last part :)