Dec 5, 2008

il ebtisamah fe wajh a5eek 9adaqah

Why do policemen enafsoon 7ail when they give a ticket!?

ya3ni shda3wa i was just not wearing the seatbelt oo i just came out of the parking lot mo bayga 7alal a7ad wala thab7a a7ad!!

why can't u smile oo tell me don't do that again while handing me the ticket?!
wila agool la2, don't smile that's ok.. bs don't look down on me min 6araf 5ashmik .. being a policeman oo having the authority doesn't give u the right to treat people like they r worth nothing.. laish kil hal nafsiyah?!

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Ghadoor said...

eee walla ;\
thak el yom she6ri shway o yekfa5ni bel license 3ashan mo 7a6a el seatbelt
bs ma 3a6ani mo5alafa :p

Anonymous said...

shda3wa ya7afeth! .. il7emdellah wala mara sher6e wagafne :P

A Journal Entry said...

ee ana il 9ara7a ma hagaitah be5alifny.. bs wallah law em5alifny eb nafs 7ilwah chan ma kan 3indy mani3!

hehehe ee wallah!
oo enshallah ma ewagfoonich abad =)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

oo laish weyay ebtesamat-hom keber wayehom lman e6loon eb wayhy?

9adgeeny...sometimes its better lman wayhom ma3foos! =S

FourMe said...

eshor6a eytbosmon bs etha byraqmoon.. ghair chethy nafseya araf..

Lili3 said...

Maybe he some problems with him being a jerk :S jerks do that a lot

A Journal Entry said...

hmm yimkin!
bs ana 7adda enba6at chabdy laish chithy emkashir eb wayhee!

heheh ee 9ajah!

couldn't agree more!!

Oranjina fadidra said...

LOL! who cares..! 6awfaii

nyxxie said...

i think it's their nature lol or else they'd choose a different job!

think-become said...

ga3da ib likwait 3ady.. 3ad ana kil il policemen illy amor minhomm 5ooosh naas

A Journal Entry said...

oranjina fadidra
heheh yaruby kan 9ij 7arny!

yeah u have a point!

la hatha madry eshsalfitah!

Charmbracelet said...

Wee! =| wth..

Anonymous said...

ee 9ij madre laish nafsiya.. bas ana 3indi nafsiya wala imqazal.. oo sadly bil q8 it has to be one or the other;p

BeBe said...

yea they're always like that :(
they dont even cut u a slack!

Zabo0o6a said...

couldn't agree more !

Anonymous said...

He thinks it comes with the uniform.

Fastidious Babe said...

i know! esp if its early in the morning, ya3ny HELLO! a9ba7na wa a9ba7a ilmlk lellah! i guess they hate doing what they do.. or something..

TOOTA said...

yeah that's one of the reasons why i hate police men

eshda3wa said...

mara thanya de3meeh

A Journal Entry said...

charmbracelet n

purely orchid
heheh ham 9ajah.. bs 7alatah they be normal..

unfortunately they seem like they r =/

heheh shaklich u've suffered from the same thing!

exactly =/

fastidious babe
ee wallah yallah 9uba7 5air!

heheh yeah, one from many!

la kint bagoolah laish etikallam eb hal 6areeqah bs makan le 5ulg asaweeha salfah!

MeeMzZ said...

OMG why didn't you kill him?!;p lool that would be so funny!!

A Journal Entry said...

well, the thought did cross my mind ;p

Faten said...

7aram :/
ba5eeel 3ala just a smile..
bs maybe he had a problem going at work or something..

Anonymous said...

huh...sorry to hear u been treated that way! I hate them too!!!

A Journal Entry said...

i doubt it enna it was a problem.. coz they were two of them oo both were nafs il shay!

thanx amu =/