Dec 18, 2008

Red polish

I just realized how much i hate removing red nail polish. ya3ni laish ma eroo7 eb sahalah!?
oo i hate it that my nails still have some traces of red even after spending 15 minutes trying to remove it.. 9ij di3lah! =/


Nemo said...


CuteShiya said...

tell me about it :/

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee maleeq wayed moz3ej !! .. bs tareen shetsaween .. 7e6aay shafaf gabla ba3deen 7e6ee a7san yro7 ebser3a :D

A Journal Entry said...


mo e7ir?!

il mushkilah enny 7a6ah a base coat =s

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean, but it's one of my faves;\

Zaina said...

eeehh walllaaah!
I have it on right now.. ou mitkawda asheeela!
way.. baaas its the best :P

Um-Manaf said...

the other day i removed my red nail polish 3al 6ayer o 6ala3t...wana im driving i realized my fingers looked SCARY .. kelhom reddish o my nails china they're bleeding.. :/

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Sometimes ethel a yellow stain 3ala el thefer etha 9arlich like a week khaysa eb the same layer.. Oo mayroooo7 ! :@

Lili3 said...

thank gosh i don't like red polish, I hate it when the polish is so tough and hard to remove :S

MeeMzZ said...


Charmbracelet said...


FourMe said...

you need to shower twice till all traces of red disappear! I so hate it yet its the only one that looks amaaaaazing on my nails.. beauty got a price :/

Ruby Woo said...

il moshkila you find traces of red on your fingers after you attempt to remove it from your nails..

A Journal Entry said...

i know.. nothing beats a red polish! ;)

heheh ee wallah 9ajah!

heheh eeeeee!
3al 6ayer ma yinfa3 with red =/

abi omi abi oboy
il yellow stains chinna yi6la3 when u wear polish frequently oo u don't give ur nail a time to "breathe"..

i hate removing it bs it's the best colour ever for a polish!

ee i know kint 7addy 6afrana!

charmbracelet N
hehe mo e7ir?!

i spend almost 15 min removing it b3dain i take a shower oo then try again.. yallah yinfa3!

ruby woo
eee bil thab6 =S

Fastidious Babe said...

i knooooooooww! i have red nail polish on now.. and i love it.. i kinda change colour at the nail station whenever i have red on lol plus they get to all that left over colour with lil sticks n whatnot :P

Think-Become said...

being a business major, enforces me to find a solution for this problem 7ag the target market illy ohwa girs :P

ill ask around, research, and give you the best asitone ever :P possibly a mixture of stuff haha

Anonymous said...

the pic shows your hard work :D

Zabo0o6a said...

Mmm, that's a hard task and i certainly can feel you bs i stopped wearing red nail polish for a while now :P

jooj said...

I knowww!! wallah when your done taking off red nail polish it looks like tawich m5al9a mn jareema! w a5aaas shay le shlteeh bllail b3dain in the morning tshofeen che the sides of ur nails feehm red mashfteeh bl '6lma :P

Mme.Monstre said...

i hear you lol ..
there's this way .. before applying anything .. put vaseline on the nails and the skin beside it .. it helps when you need to remove it .. it makes it "peal-able" .. w ba3ad it makes the job better if you apply a transparent base coat beneath and above the color

Oranjina fadidra said...

intay law t76en blk nail polish shno tsawen 3ayal ;p

Meticulous said...

its not good to put the acetone on wood :P

umi kela itzifni

Meticulous said...

its not good to put the acetone on wood :P

umi kela itzifni

A Journal Entry said...

fastidious babe
yeah i guess its much easier to go to the pros to have it removed!

good thinking!!! thats what a call a commercial mind! (adry tarjamah 7arfiyahn 7ag mu5 tijary! hehe ;p)

hehehe eee!
alll weapons at disposal!

nip the problem from the roots ha?!
bs i love red nail polish i don't see me not wearing it anytime soon =/


is it easy to paint over it??!
i'll give that a try.. thanx!

oranjina fadidra
ee la i haven't tried black yet!
i love it but i don't think it looks nice on me..

hehehe i know!
bs fee glass layer on top of it fa it's kinda safe ;P

by the way where have u been?!
minzimaan no updates??

eshda3wa said...

ee i know such a hassle!

bs i love it

BeBe said...

lol a9lan the sadest most unhappy moment when you remove the nail polish :P at least for me :p
actually i have troubles with removing all the colors not only the red

what is the nailpolish that ur using?

nyxxie said...

if you put the right bottom coat and use a good one it should be fine. try opi's base coats. fabulous

Anonymous said...

Get artificial nails, much easier...i think

Think-Become said...

i'd have to say the same things you always do when removing the nail polish bas before this step, soak your hands or nails in hot water for a minute or two to soften it, this way it would be easier to take it off. as for the new experiments i talked about.. i dont have people to try on their nails!

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i guess it's worth it.. the cost of beauty!

heheh for me too!

i'm using essie's..

i'm not sure what brand the base coat was coz i put in at a salon.. but i think it was essie..

the adrenaline fix
with artificial nails u have to deal with glue which is worse (i guessm coz i haven't tried them b4!)

think become
hot water.. hmmmm..
i'll give that a try next time ;)

Venus said...

hi sis,
i loved ur site,
cool layout
Venus,20 yrs ,AbuDhabi,UAE
new commentor ^^"
LOL,i do love the red polish, ya i do a3ani till it's gone,u remind me one of ma red polish,ppl kept askin where i did get my red polish from, lol,it has a speciall color ^^
i hate maself when i remove it
enjoy ur eve.

Venus said...

wut do u think of a daily update?
seriously wut do u think? wanna
< أنقلعي

icon said...

same problem here, but some recommended vinger in such cases!

Gee said...

7asbey allah 3laich e5tara3t ..
i thought its blood ;\

A Journal Entry said...

hey there!
thanx alot for ur comment i'm flattered =D

wow and what is this polish illy everyone is asking u about??

i'd love to update daily bs unfortunately i don't have the time to do so =/

have u tried it?

sorry wayd ma kan hatha il qa9d!!

zuz said...

lool 7da de3lah!!! mayro7:@

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

tsadgeen, i dont remember the last time i wore red polish!

libero anima said...

same problem here !
sometimes i just feel like cutting my fingers off :P
ok i dnt =p

The Extravagate said...

LOol alla y3eenich

Specially in the sides it’s the hardest

A Journal Entry said...

ee wallah =/

haw laaaish?!
3ayal what colour do u prefer?

libero anima
yeah i get that feeling sometimes ;p

the extravagate
eeee a93ab shay =/

Khayala said...

so true :/
but so worth it !

A Journal Entry said...

Exactly, as i said b4, the cost of beauty!

Karamilah said...

yeah it is very annoying indeed, yet i bought nail polish remover pads from boots a while ago and with 2 pads I would remove all the red nail polish without leaving anything. Try it maybe it works

J o u J a™ said...

eeeeeeeeee walllllllllah
g6eeeee3a 7allah kaseeefa o 3al 5afeeef ya36i chna 7a6a 7ennah eb athafrich o ga3da troo7
7ita the black nail polish nafs el 7ala :S HEFF

A Journal Entry said...

Which brand were they? Boots' own?

Waaaay gi6eee3ah estaghfarallah ma awa6in il 7innah =s

Karamilah said...

yeah, they are boot's own brand

Livingmylife said...

7e6ay a base caught .. mm a nude colour is good then 7e6ay the red fouga .. 1) the colour ye6la3 a7la .. and 2) lama etsheeleena mako anything left!


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