Jul 2, 2009


Ok, 1st of all i must say enna I'm travelling so no need to count the calories.. besides, i'm walking around everyday for a minimum of 5 hrs fa that sure will be enough to burn that fat! (i hope).. now to the post ;p

There were 4 burger places that i wanted to try in NYC, so far i've covered 3 of them.. Burger Joint, PJ Clarks, and Shake Shack..

Burger Joint:

enter Le Parker Meridien hotel and on the left tucked away in a small narrow mamar u'll see this sign..

follow it and u'll be entering a tiny heavenly place!

6ab3an they serve nothing but burgers o they only accept cash.. i was reeeeaally hungry so i had to have a bite b4 i snap a pic.. it has a smokey taste to it that adds an amazing flavor..

Shake Shack:

They have 3 branches, we went to the one in Madison Square Park, "the place where it all began" 3ala golat'hum..

the waiting line was insane! we had to wait for almost 25 min.. but at the end it was completely worth it!

u place ur order and get a pager that shakes when ur order is ready.. oh and u HAVE to try their shakes! a little heavy oo on the custardy side bs 3ajeeeeb!

PJ Clarcks:

they too have many locations, we went to the one on 3rd ave. if ur reeaally hungry this is the place for u! for they serve the food in less than 10 min!

Over all, i loved all 3 of them, bs Burger Joint in my opinion comes in 1st place..


Ruby Woo said...

I wanna go to new yoooork ;/

A Journal Entry said...

ruby woo
i wanna LIVE in new york =/

Mix said...

Nice pics, they all look great places to eat. Have you tried the Carnegie Deli ? They got burgers but they're famous for their massive sandwiches and delicious cheesecake.

Candy said...

abaaa asafer new york
waaaaine 3an hal amaken anaaa @.@

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i tried shake shack last time i was there...oo true we waited for like ever, bs it was totally worth it a5er shay!! =D

missed out on the shake though =\

±What±Im±about± said...

3laich bil 3aaaaaaafyaaaa!!!!! shawagteeeni! abi burger NOOOOOW!! bilsalamah ya rab, enjooooooy ;**

Charmbracelet said...

I've never been there ! abe arooo7!=(

Anonymous said...

why didnt u put the pics of the burgers :(

F. said...

You're in New York!

Fantastic. Stay safe and have fun.

And you should definately not consider counting calories.


Principessa said...

ahh I love NY !!!!! oo shawagteenii yo3anaaaaaaa:P

Silver said...

wow shakla yummy!

A Journal Entry said...

nope i haven't.. i'll check that place out.. thaaanx alot for the recommendation =D

if u do i'll tell u where to go ;)

isn't it 3ajeeeeb??
enshallah next time u'll try it ;)

what im about
thaaaanx dear allah esalmich =D

u should plan to go there sometime =)

lol! coz i remember enna ma khathait a pic laman yubga like a garma aw thintain !! ;p

heheh thats the plan!!

its hard not to fall in love with this city =)

allah e3afeech dear =)

Fastidious Babe said...

u got me craving burgers.. and NYC! have a great trip and don't worry about diets n what not.. ur in NYC BABYYY lol xox

female symphony said...

i'm starving do u know that :D
OMG i didn't eat since yesterday's evening maybe around 7 p.m and among all the blogs i chose yours to read :S


delicious post ;)

A Journal Entry said...

fastidious babe
i'll worry about that later when i get back home ;D

female symphony
ooops! sorry ;s

Standy said...

now i want to go to newyork and i want a burger =(

glad you enjoyed it and had fun =D

Anonymous said...

hmmmm I am craving burgers now! And I wanna go to NYC too!!

Anonymous said...

am i the only person who caes about 7alal meat?
ashoof ilnas waaaayed 3adi 3indhom??? shisslafa