Jul 24, 2009

Back home

and jet lagged so badly!
i sleep at 1:00am and after waking up for il fayer i can't go back to sleep,then me, the person that does not sleep il 3a9ir, sleep for 2-3 hrs il 3a9ir! i'm getting a total of 4-5 hrs aday =/

There were no sings of swine flue in every airport i've been to except for Kuwait's.. they give u those forms to fill out oo u get scanned in by the camera that detects heat illi u have to walk by to go to the baggage claim area..

anyways.. back to NY, the two areas i loved the most were Soho and the Meatpacking District..

the area has some really nice stores and good restaurants and cafes.. wandering around the streets of Soho i saw this drawn on a wall

looks familiar?! ;p

One of the best pizza's u'll have there is at Lombardi's

Share the pizza so u can have dessert in the close by Rice To Riches.. they serve the best rice pudding i've ever had..

oo there were so many flavors to choose from it was really hard! at the end i went with the one with cookie dough.. 3ajeeeb! (reminded me of cerelac which i secretly still like ;p)

i loved the signs they had hanging all around the store check them out:

Nespresso's branch in Soho was still not fully opened.. but it had some cool law7at on display of celebrities all made out of their coffee capsules

The Meatpacking District
a very hip area that also has some cool shops and trendy restaurants ..

I tried out Pastis that was recommended to me by a friend.. though, like the Buzberry said, the food was nothing special but it was the perfect place for Sunday brunch

the owners of Pastis are the same owners of Soho's Balthazar.. they have a similar menu. i tried it for lunch.. the experience was much better than the burnch at pastis..

This was drawn on a wall infront of spice market (which was so not worth it oo so overrated).. i think i like the drawing more with the vandalism.. the moustache gives it some character ;p

That's all!
now if only i can get rid of the jetlag faster.. it's been a while now yarabi eshkithir more do i have to suffer?!


zuz said...

el7emdella 3l salama:D, shakla lotsa fun! enshallah yabelich one week or less ella entay emthab6a el noma;p

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

OMG !!

I soooooo wanna go to that rice pudding place!!

Ahhhhh abeeh :'(

Candy said...

Welcome Back 2 Kuwait!

meta aroo7 hal amaken -.-

A Journal Entry said...

allah esalmich dear thaanx!
lil asaf enna ma buga shay we9eerli a week min rija3t =/

abi omi abi oboy
it's like heaven on earth!

thank u dear =D

Zabo0o6a said...

welcome hoooooooome :**

atoona said...

wow, lovely pics mashallah!

that kuwait logo pic looks like its the same one as that one:
it has the same coloured wall and all :)

ps. i love cerelac too! i still have it as a snack sometimes :P

A Journal Entry said...

Thaaaaanx! =D
Oo btw when r u going to update?!
We miss u!

Eeeeee its the same!
Thanx for letting me know about that post, kint ma3arif qi9at il shi3ar fa this was helpful =)
I used to share my nephew's cerelac (the plain one) until my sis decided to take the one with a flavor 3shan ma aklah ma3ah! Heheh!

FourMe said...

7amdila 3ala esalma hun :*

A Journal Entry said...

allah esalmich dear ;D

Aurous said...

welcome back, w el7mdellah 3alsalama :D

mo chena el.swine flu 9ar salfa 8adeema? ;p

A Journal Entry said...

allah esalmich thaaaaanx! =D

wallah chinna ga3id etzeed!
hal ayam kilyoum biljareeda egooloon 3an cham 7ala!

Gee said...

HAW !! el logo malna :p
laish baygena o 7a6en feh najma !! :p

Ruby Woo said...

ib 7ayati matishawagt 3ala new york ila after your posts. I soooo wanna go there.

babdi a7in 3alaihom iwadooni ;p

Standy said...

7amdilah 3ala salamtik =)
someone had a blast =D

i cant wait to go to new york now!

A Journal Entry said...


ruby woo
glad u like them! =D

allah esalmich dear thank u!
il 7imdillah i did =D

±What±Im±about± said...

the best thing about travelling! food! the experiance of food while travelling is amazing!
i love pizza!!!!!
7amdellah 3asalamah ;**

Fastidious Babe said...

i hope ur feeling better now! nyc looks fabulous.. im sure it was well worth the jet lag.. the rice place looks delish! bl3afya xoxo

lil miss nobody 'LMN' said...

7mdella 3a salamaah ^_^

Anonymous said...

el7emdella 3ala sallama :) the signs are so cool...

A Journal Entry said...

what im about
ee wallaaaaah a7la shay!
allah esalmich dear thaanx ;D

fastidious babe
hehehe yeah it's completely worth it ;)

thaaaaanx allah esalmich =)

allah esalmik thanx!
eee arn't they?! =)