Jul 8, 2009

JE goes to the UN

It was a great experience getting to go into the different halls and seeing them 3al 6abee3a..

The building itself wasn't as i imagined it would be.. it was an old building.. nothing fancy at all.. but i loved the items that u see scattered around in glass boxes.. each one represent a gift from a UN member..

the one u can see below is Iran's gift that is placed at the entrance, framed rugs of pictures of ru2asa2 il umam il muta7ida min il bedaya lai al7een..

this is Kuwait's gift.. a large boum..

This is one of the halls and as u can see there was a side meeting being held..

Unfortunately, i was not allowed to take pics of il qa3a illi i like to call qa3at il ameer (alah yir7umah).. the one that he spoke his heartbreaking speech ayam il ghazoom in bcoz of an ongoing meeting.. bs il shu3oor of standing in that room was indescribable.. i had goose bumps allover.. allah lay3ood theech il ayam..


zuz said...

allaah 7elwa our gift;p(L)!! eee b3d 3umry el sheikh jaber allah yer7ema;**

A Journal Entry said...

ee wallah esh7iloo boumna =D

Anonymous said...

WOW looks beautiful...I can imagine how it feel just being aroung there..:)

Anonymous said...

wow did you go all the way to New York just to see the UN? Isnt it inspirational? It just makes me feel like I can change the world all my byself, and hopefully make it a peaceful environment for everyone.

A Journal Entry said...

Wallah yeah it was =)

I'm honored that my post made u feel this way.. Now if only i had the same effect on other ppl like u as well the world will be a better place =)

Ruby Woo said...

I'm thinking about applying for their internship once I graduate. I'm dying to work there!

Aurous said...

and our boum is really great ;p

eshda3wa said...

wansa ... glad u had a good time

oo 9ij allah lay3ood hal ayam !

7abebe baba jaber
allah yr7ama eb ra7mita elwas3a !

A Journal Entry said...

ruby woo
it looks like a very interesting place to work in.. it would be a great experience .. go ahead!! =D

it was one of the cool ones.. my judgement might be a bit biased ;p

welcome baaaack dear!!
u have been TRUELY missed =D

3aliya said...

shklaaa wanasaa!!
allah yir7ma shiekh jaber..ow it looks great!!

atoona said...

its nice going to places like that, taghyeer 3an the usual shopping :p

glad you're having fun :)

o ya 7alat el boom maalna ;D

Bahrain Fashion said...

I love Kuwait's gift! I'd love to go there ;)

A Journal Entry said...

wallah yeah it was =)

yeah ur right,, the equation goes: 3days shopping + 1 day exploring, and repeat!

Bahrain fashion
it was fun! =)

Mrs. said...

Wooooow! Id never think of visiting such places!!

Jouja™ said...

wow that was amazing =D

F. said...

Interesting. Must have been a fun visit. :) thanks for sharing the pix ;)

A Journal Entry said...

its a change than the usual shopping!

yup i had lots of fun! =)

yeah it was!
my pleasure ;)