Aug 21, 2009

Embarak 3alaikum il shahar

shino su7oorkum il youm?! ;p

Update: this is my su7oor

nothing beats a bowl of ma7albiya.. especially when it's still hot!



Azure said...

3alaina w 3alaich dear
kil 3am wentay ib khair ;d

Technogal said...

3laina o 3leeech dear.. didn't plan for sohor yet loool!

Anony said...

3aleena o 3aleech :D

A Journal Entry said...

wintay ebkhair ;D

don't choose a burger or pizza!
u'll suffer from thirst the next day!

thaaaaanx! =D

..::Amu::.. said...

3alaina w 3alaich...i am home alone for Ramadhan this year so good luck to me with both sohor and fa6oor ;p

Candy said...

3alaina o 3alaich jee, am over excited for rem'9an this year,..

Faith said...

3alaina wa 3alaich :)
bokra dwaam can't remember how I survived last year without coffee ;D

Charmbracelet said...

3alaina w 3alaich ! =**

Zabo0o6a said...

3alaina o 3alaij:*
still didn't decide yet , what's urs?

atoona said...

3alaina o 3alaiich =D

shakla su7ory beser nutella sandwich.

Euphoria said...

Kol 3am o ente be5air :)

A Journal Entry said...

u poor thing!
have fu6oor @ ur relatives.. a7is fu6oor has to be with family..

eee me too walaht 3alaih..

the good thing for me is that i'm not a coffee/tea person.. ya3ni il 7imdillah not having them doesn't affect me ;)

thaaanx dear ;D

i just updated the post with my su7oor choice ;)


A Journal Entry said...

thanx dear.. oo entay ebkhair =)

Even Sweeter said...

3alaina o 3alaich ;* hehe looks yummy 3alaich bil3afya I had green salad for su7or

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

mbarak 3laich elshahr babe ;*

nosa said...

3alena o 3aleech :D

i love ma7alabeya !! yum yum

bel 3fya :*

my su7or is nothing! hehe just water i guess

A Journal Entry said...

even sweeter
a very healthy choice ;)

thaaaanx dandoon ;D

just water?! girl u need to stock up for 2morrow! ;p

zuz said...

3lena o 3aleech sweets;*

ansam518 said...

3alaina o 3alaich :-D

eshda3wa said...

3alaina oo 3alaich

ma tesa7art

..::Amu::.. said...

I clicked ur blog at a wrong time ;p I feel hungry now :D

Just Another Blogger said...

mbarak 3alaich el shahar :D

A Journal Entry said...

zuz & ansam
thaaaanx alot! ;D

ya entay ya ba6alaah! hehehe!

3ad when ur hungry even the sight of gara6ees looks good!!

just another blogger
thanx alot!
3alaina oo 3alaich =)

Aurous said...

3alaina w 3alaich :)

Faith said...

Mubarek 3laich elshahar :*)

Standy said...

3aleeki bil 3afiya o ramdan kareem :)

On-The-Rocks said...

awwal mbarak 3alaich baji ilshahar, ana ma atsa77ar :D a7la shy bas fu6oor oo tibirbis 3ugub il fu6ooor and then water laih gabil il su7oor, thats it

Bahrain Fashion said...

Ahh Ma7labiya! so delish xD

Ramadan Kareem :)

A Journal Entry said...

thanx ;)

3alaina o 3alaich ;)

allah e3afeech thanx =)

on the rocks
3alaina o 3alaik..
ana lazim 3al aqal roub o fruit salad 3al 12.30... ba3dain may gabil il athan..

bahirain fashion
thaaaanx dear ;)

7aneen said...

m7albiya :(

how do you make it ?

A Journal Entry said...

i don't have an exact recipe.. ya3ni entay jarbay thoogeeha 3ashan et3arfeen shino nagi9ha.. oo yi3timid 3al kamiyah illi tabeen etsaweenha..

for around 4 small bowls:
i use milk powder 3 tbsp full
sugar 1 tbsp
1 cup water
1 tsp hail powder
mix them together and bring them to a boil.. then add nisha (taqreeban 1 tsp talhl6eenah bishwayat may dafy)
oo takhl6een lain eyeer shwaya thigeel.. etha ma 9ar keep on adding nisha lain e9eer ok..
b3dan add shwayat maay ward oo 7ooseh for 5 min o khala9 its ready..