Aug 15, 2009

Ma bain alyoum wal2ams



phew! I managed to catch a good beach day il 7imdillah.. although I wanted the weekend to be nothing but swimming, tanning, and water activities.. bs youm a7san min wala youm..

bs mashallah hal 9aif mo 9ij.. mino e9addig enna the weather is nice at night in August! u can actually sit out side o mat7isoon bil 7ar!
i guess il ghbaar lah fawayed after all..


Faith said...

Been wondering if it was August too!!
Thanks for the picz made me feel like spending the day out :)

desertpalms said...

those pics are beautiful..ahhh i miss the sun sand sea!

Azure said...

itsadgeen i rarely went out kila 3abali 7aar 7etan belail

yabeela tan gabil rmothaan

On-The-Rocks said...

ee walla, allah daz lina ilghbaaaar 3ashan ebarrid 3alaina il 7emdilla, oo btw, il fajir il jaw ba3ad abrad min billail!

Charmbracelet said...

yes ur right !

i need to get a day bil beach gbl irm'6aan =)

Anony said...

wow farg ! ;p

bs sa7 el jaaw belail sayer wayed zain

3aliya said...

shawaagteeniii!!=D allah abee aroo7 bas gabil irmathaan!!;p

Zaina said...

great pics!
just a question, min wain ur tanning oil? shawagneee:p

foryoursoul said...

rmudhan, no more beach!

A Journal Entry said...

eeee 3ajeeeb!

yeah i was getting abit artistic 3ishtaw with the pics! ;p

6ab3an il 9ib7 la yu6aq!
bs wallah at night wayd 7ilo..

on the rocks
ee atwaqa3 ekoon a7la.. bs il 9ara7a only stayed up until 12 at night oo it was amazing..

hurry up ma buga shay!

eeeee il sabt kan ethayeg il khulg!

3ayal ham u hurry up ma buga shay!

in rare occasion u'll find hawaiian tropic's products fee Sultan center..oo when they get them ebsir3a ekhal9oon..
fa usually when i'm abroad i stock up on them.. those two i got from abroad..

ee khalaa9 ba3ad mako ba7ar!

Candy said...

ya saaalam il jaw raheeb, allah ye5lef 3alaina maaaaalat.

Candy said...
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ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ said...

nice snaps

zuz said...

shawwagteeni!:O and mashallah nice shots;p

Amethyst said...

I've actually given up on tanning this summer..

Anonymous said...

The weather is getting really beautiful but Ramadan is on the edge now and we cant swim!

A Journal Entry said...

only for that day.. bs il jaw eb awal pic killish mo shay!

thaanx ;)

heheh eee il 9ara7a ana mitshawga now!

i don't blame u!
during the week its perfect.. bs e9eer il weekend it's dusty!

eee.. malna illa wara ermuthan =)

Just Another Blogger said...

beautiful pics, love the beach !

A Journal Entry said...

just another blogger
glad ur enjoying them! =)

Think different said...

Very true!! 7atan 3ala wakt el magharb (sunset) ekoun barad Allah etamem o 9aja lighbar ekhafef el 7arara!