Aug 29, 2009

It takes around 4hrs30!

To make margoog!!
or like Dad likes to call it ravioli naydey ;p

after going through 3abeer alrashid's cookbook "ilthawaqah 3" i decided to choose something from the a6baq il kuwaitiya section.. oo i chose to try making margoog.. go my ingredients ready for the big day (yesterday)..

it was my 1st time cooking meat!
fa i was really afraid that it would be zafir.. bs ashwa il 7imdillah it was cooked to perfection ;p

here i arrange the meat with the onions, garlic, samn, and spices.

after a long process of stirring and waiting for the meats water to dry, this is how it looks like..

i add the tomato paste with the diced tomatoes

and after a while i add the water and let it cook a little..

in the mean time, i started making il 3ayeenah malat il margoog.. and after waiting for il 3ayeenah to set for around 30 min i divide it into 9 small balls and spread them out into thin layers of dough..

add each thin layer of 3ayeen to il mrigah and wait for it to cook

when its almost done u have to break up the round pieces of 3ayeen shwaya..

the end result

i wanted to take a pic of it bil serving plate bs athan o fi6arna o nesait ma thikart illa laman almost nu9ha khalla9 ;p

it was well worth those hours of hard work =D


Faith said...

ur sure it's supposed to take that long lol

no really it looked yummy I love q8i dishes we don't have that it saudi. tslam yadch wabel3afia :)

Anony said...

4hrs !!! mashallaaaaaaah!

3aleekom bel 3afyaaa :D

f7ee7eely said...

LOOOOOOOOL e7na ensameeha pasta kuwaitiyah eww el gaboo6 ensameeha ravioli :)

elneyadah yakloon mu6azeez may3arfoon elmargoog

A Journal Entry said...

yes yes i'm sure ;p

eee wallah! ana ma hagait e6awil hal kithir!
ashwanni badyah feeh embachir..

ee wallah 9aj!
lazim agoolah hal ma3loomah.. ma kint adry 3anha (ilmi6azeez).. oo entaw ham athba6 3al ravioli ;p

Maitha* said...

looks delicious bel3afya 3alaikum:)
el7amdella I saw this post in the evening lol and not during the day

Standy said...

mashallah.. shahetini feeh... i dont know it, now its defenently something on my list to try when i come to kuwait..

3alekum bil 3afiya..

7aneen said...

PLz ! Aby el recipe .. I'm in USA I hope mafee ingredients mo mawjoda here :s

Livingmylife said...

wow 4 hours!

ana alla esalmich im so bad bel kitchen im banned from entering ..

bas it looks like uv done a very good job.. law ana it probably took double the time it took u



Anonymous said...

looks so yummy :) bs 4 hours is a long time..

Candy said...

i can't wait 4 fo6oor now

A Journal Entry said...

heheh ee i agree!

its like emrigat la7am with slices of lazania..

give me ur email aw send something 3ala oo enshallah adizha lich =)

ee wallah ana ma hagait it takes this long!

laaa bs it's easy!
bs follow the steps oo ni6ray .. hatha kil illi bil salfah..

me too.. it's one of my fav dishes =)

ee wallah kanat khooooosh margoogah ;p

hehehe it's a bad idea looking at this post b4 fu6oor ;p

Um Mit3ib said...

4 hours we7naaa bs ingool naby w naby;p?

Azure said...

bs it's worth it;)

3alaikom bil 3afya dear

Single said...

is there an english version of this book. I seriously need to learn how to cook bs al5a6 bel3arabi shway messy to read :/ o letters are za7ma

A Journal Entry said...

um mit3ib
eee bil thab6 ana hatha ili ga3da agoolah 3ugub 7ag mom!
wa3alayah engooluhum esawoona ma3a alf 6abaq ma3ah!

ee it was il 9ara7a ;D

ohwa il kitab 3arabi o english eb nafs il 9af7a.. fa akeed ra7 yinfi3ich..

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...


A Journal Entry said...

abi omi abi obooy
i'm gonna make it again 2morrow for the inlaw.. 3asa ma atfashal hal marrah ;p

Anonymous said...

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