Oct 23, 2009

What I've been up to

Three weeks ago:

fav highlighters? check
fav brand of pens, in blue, green, and red? check
fav brand of refillable pencil? check
favorite note? I had to go to 3 different maktabat to get the kind I'm used to.. finally found only ONE hiding waaaay at the back of the shelf.. bs il 7imdillah, check
dusting off my fav calculator? check
spirit and the nerdy attitude? check and on full throttle!

aaaaand I'm back to college after all those years!
same place with a different setting.. its dark outside and has less traffic inside this time..
driving through the gate I had memories good and bad flowing in my head..
things like:

I used to park here!
oh and here's the parking lot where i had that stupid car accident!
here's the spot where i used to sit with my friends with our hot starbucks drinks when it was cold outside!
oooh that long path which once i crossed with a broken sandal and an embarrassed red face!!

and I couldn't help but smile!

Three weeks after:

I'm drowning head to heels with projects, assignments, cases... etc
I barely have time for social obligations and myself!
I have no time.. i need more than 24 hrs a day!!

I tell myself its bcoz its all new and it takes a while to get used to..
bs enshallah ana gad'ha oo i'll be able to survive!
so plz forgive my lack of posting =)


Faith said...

girl that's awesome
Sorry can’t forgive you I wanna hear more about this new step so yalla post at least once a week ;D

Best of cluck :*

Another-Penelope said...

goodluck and have fun for the first semester :D heheh yeah memories can't never be forgotten.

zina said...

WOW that’s a gr8 news sweetie!
wishing you wonderful college years ;D
i wanna go back 2 uni TOO, but with my friends X(

Candy said...

this must be exiting to you,which degree are you doin'?

inshallah gadha o egdood

zuz said...

thats awesome :D allah ewafgich enshalaaah and uve been missed ;**

Anony said...

coooooooooooool !! :D

A Journal Entry said...

u'll be sick of hearing about it!
i gotta feelong that i'll be complaining alot! ;p

another penelope
thaaanx alot!
enshallah i do ;)

yeah i miss not being with my friends.. bs some of the students i already know fa this makes it more fun than being alone..

one of the programs that are involved with business ;p

thaaaanx alot zuzz =D

yeah! ;D

eshda3wa said...

good luck with all of that babe

kelha mas2alat wagt and ull get used to the load

Zabo0o6a said...

el7al men ba3'6o ;)
G.luck sweety :*

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i think so too .. thaanx dear ;)

ashwa ya3ni i'm normal?!
good luck to u too .. enshallah we sort it out in a week or 2 ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be back to college...its fun...esp the winter and the hot chocolate...Good luck with ur studies :)

have funn...dont be sad..its just the start :)

A Journal Entry said...

hot chocolate in winter.. the prefect combo!

thaanx alot! ;)

F. said...

That's great.

Best of luck winshallah gadha wgdood.


3aliya said...

imwafaga ibitheen allah!;*

Mone said...

mwafegah hun ;)


Standy said...

weee alf mabrook =D

back to school.. i dont think i cant get back to college again.. hehe..

that is brave of you =D

All the best =D..
muwafaqa inshallah..

Anonymous said...

13 days and no post!!! :D

A Journal Entry said...

thaaaanx dear.. enshallah ;)

mashkoora allah yisma3 minnich =)

thaaaanx dear! =)

why not?!
u'll be surprised how much u miss it once ur back again! (and how much u've missed not having homeworks and exams ;p)

the post i have just posted is for u ;p
i had the pics for a while bs i couldn't post them earlier ;)