Sep 29, 2009

The Lost Symbol

So I'm done reading the book.. The Verdict? I liked it.. but not as much as I thought I would! it did not meet my expectations and excitement when I 1st got my hands on it..

a7is bil nehaya kanat il qi99a mamqoo6ah! ya3ni it's 509 pages, and I think it should have stopped at taqreeban 489.. to me, those last 20 pages makan lihum da3i!

another fellow blogger wrote a complete review of the book oo I agree with every single word he wrote.. check out 4th ring road's post for a detailed review..


Candy said...

this is very disappointing!!
Out of my list

Standy said...

sorry to hear that!!
yala isnhallah the next book will be better =)

my wish is to read but i cant seemt to commit myself to that!!

PaLoMiNo said...

509 pages? How long did it take u to finish reading it ;p

A Journal Entry said...

hmm .. la u can leave it bil list.. there are still some interesting parts bil story

hope so too!
u need the timing to be right when u start reading .. ya3ni this holiday was a perfect time..

i started on Wed oo finished on sun ;p

Aurous said...

I'm still reading it!! ;p

eshda3wa said...

i just got the book..

started reading it

will see how it goes

Mone said...

ya i understand wt u were talking abt
some books t7sen they reach a point o yma6e6on feha 3al fa'6i that makes u feel bored and u r loosing ur time !

inshalah nxt book ll be betta :)

Anonymous said...

I think its time u need to post something :P

A Journal Entry said...

hope u like it!

hope u like it as well!

eee ya3ni khala9 laish il timiqi6!?

allah ysma3 minnich!

i knooooow!
6awalt mo?
bs i REALLY barely have time to think of a post!
bs enshallah by the end of this weekend there will be a post ;p

Me Blogging said...

ee walla it was a disappointment
I can't complete the book min kether ma mga6 esalfa.
malait o ana agra
the hand
the hand
the hand
the tatto
the tatto
the madree shino ... yalla emshaw ta7arekaw sawo shay

A Journal Entry said...

me blogging