Nov 6, 2009

Going German!

This has got to be one of my faaaaaav cakes ever on this planet!
only topped by the Carrot Cake.. what i love the most about German chocolate cake is it's frosting.. so goood its a crime!

for a gathering a while ago i decided to try making it myself..
just have look at those heavenly pics =D

u sift the dry ingredients

while ur chocolates melt

and cream the butter

and mix in the sugar and eggs

add the dry ingredients

fold in the melted chocolate

until well incorporated

batter ready for baking

while baking the cake we prepare the frosting.. I hate it when a recipe asks for egg yolks only.. it's not that easy dividing the yolks from whites!

adding the sweetened coconut flakes

add the chopped pecans and the frosting is reaaaaady! YUM!

I like "washing the dishes".. u know i have to try it to see if something's missing ;p

toothpick-inserted-coming-out-dry won't apply much here bcoz of the melted chocolate folded in

ready to get dressed

et voila!

the only problem is that it was messy.. the cake wayd kan yitfatat (as u can see in the pic above) I don't know what I did wrong.. but I like to think it's bcoz the cake was moist and that's an added bonus! after all, it's the taste that counts not the looks ;p


Anony said...

el suwaar 3ajebeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen !!

3aleekom bel 3afyaaa :D

tanaqeseeli wa7da shda3waa :$

A Journal Entry said...

tanaqa9tlich il recipe yinfa3?! ;p

Zabo0o6a said...

tislam eidej :*

A Journal Entry said...

allah esalmich dear! =D

zuz said...

3lekom bel3afiaa! looks yummy! :o

FourMe said...

the chocolate being whipped pictures are damaaaaaaaaar.. jad 7aram 3alaich! ana wain a7a9il cake eb hal lail :(

yal thalmaaaaa..

Standy said...

omg today is just not that day for me to look at the blogs.. first danderma's blog and now yours and I AM FASTING =(

bas mshallah mashallah, looks so yummy.. kaif 3ozooma your place? just tell us when =D

zina said...

save a piece 4 me XD

A Journal Entry said...

it was a success (minus il tifitit)

heheheheh i knoooooow moo??
i couldn't resist snapping away!
hatha ba3ad wana emnagya min li9war ;p

ooooh poor standy!

hehehe.. next time i'll keep that in mind ;p
i know killish mo wagta.. sorry! ;p

Anonymous said...

yey finally :D thanks...

now back to the post! the cake and the pics look so tempting that no jokes i can lick the screen just if i could get the taste of the cake :D

Mashallah Mashallah nice.. you hubby is lucky :) o 3alech bil3afiya...

A Journal Entry said...

it does, doesn't it? ;)

hehehe yeah i do point that out to him everytime i make something even if it's only boiled eggs ;p

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Its liike..

its liiike..

its like you enjou torturing me :'(

eshda3wa said...

looks yummyyy!!!

A Journal Entry said...

abi omi abi oboy
it does have this effect on ppl with a sweet tooth ;)

VERY! ;)

Curly Curls said...

ur pix are amazing , wat camera did u use?? :S

A Journal Entry said...

curly curls
it's the nikon D60.. 3ajeebah!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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7aneen said...

YUMMMMMYYY!! Shawagteny mn zman masawait German Choc Cake!

Bo6abesh said...

i neeed ti bite smothing.....yummmy

Texan in UAE said...

OMG- this looks so good! *drools*