Jun 6, 2008

Bubbles nail spa

Reading about bubbles on 248am made me wanna check it out myself.. so a few days ago i went to give it a try.. and it was a wonderful experience..

i tried their bubblicious mani&pedi which was very good..
the seat was comfy, ur surrounded by pillows, a bag of hot stones around ur neck .. very relaaaaxing!
the massage was so-so but i loved the treatment oo the staff felt professional.. unfortunately, the nail polish colour choices were a bit limited..

overall it was gooood.. oh and i liked how the drying station comes to u! so u don't have to get up from ur seat!

and when they finished they put the stuff they used in a plastic bag for me to take home! (next time i'll take them with me so that they can reuse them.. coz i think that opening a new kit each time is bad for the environment)

the place is very well decorated.. i loved the colour combinations..
it's located in al-jassim tower which is a new building awal marrah ad5alah.. still not fully opened..

in my opion it's a bit overpriced .. but it is worth visiting every once in a while when u feel like pampering urself..

this is il-jassim tower in case u don't know it:


Fastidious Babe said...

i just checked out the webbie! it looks like such a cute place! and i love that they are cutting consumption by "u bring ur set next time" ...

tres fab! xx

A Journal Entry said...

yeah it is very cute =)

nyxxie said...

how adorable! yuck id never step foot into a nail place here in london, helena comes home to do my nails

eshda3wa said...

i sooo need a mani my nails r a mess!

Shoush said...

Mashala, ya kithirhom il nail bars. Ib9ara7a thaya3t! Moo gadra ala7ig. I personally like ili bil Boustan Mall. Aroo7 3ind wa7da isimha Dina, mashala she's very good.

A Journal Entry said...

i never when to one in london.. why? r they that bad??

goo check them out il mukan eyanin =)

omg NStyle bil bustan is my fav .. i go 2 it regularly oo Dina is the one i go 2! hehhe =D
etha ma 7a9alt ma3aha maw3id akansil ;P

hehhe b3ad kuwaitiyeen!
shafaw shay nija7 everyone does the same!
but this one is a good one =)

Amethyst said...

Umbaih 7ada yabeeli.. 9arli sena agool abi arou7;\

PaLoMiNo said...

shklaa 7adaa eyshweeeg bas a7es daaaaaaarb! oo b3deeen dakhil mojama3 or whatever that is ;p y3ni lazim aroo7 labsa 3adil, ana i prefer nailtini ele bel surra.. ok mo kbeeer mokaana nice o she'3elhom 7ilo oo mo eb mojama3, 3ala 6ool adkhal so I can go wearing ay 7aga ;p

A Journal Entry said...

3ad il wath3 9ayir bil mujama3 3umaal! fa kilish mo mal talbiseen 3adil..

ham hatha mo wayd kbeer.. bs nailtini ma 3umry jarrabtah sima3t illy yimda7ah o sima3t illy ethimah.. shakly bajarbah oo a7kum ;P

Shoush said...

Ambai, me too akansil itha ma ligait maw3id maga Dina, Lol! A salute u 3ala ur choice. ;P

Shoush said...

I salute u**

Delicately Realistic said...

I wanna try them!

And about ur quirks i do 2 of them! The cream one and the electrical sockets.

A Journal Entry said...

3ayal u need to give it a try u won't regret it ;)

hehehhehe ;)

delicately realistic
u should ;)

wanasa waaayd nas nafsy.. i feel a bit normal! =D

Bebe & Noonie said...

nicee !! baroo7 xD thnx;P

A Journal Entry said...

ur welcome ;)

Hamitaf la B. said...

wallah my friends and I have been debating going to this place... but we cant seem to figure out if we want to go to the "City" to get our nails done...

mukana 5ayes :(

A Journal Entry said...

9ij ena mukana mo thak il zoud bs bil nisba lee greeb naw3an ma oo i usuallly take my appointments il thahary fa hal 7azza it's 9a5ah =)

Squirreliya said...

Allaaaah 7bait the idea of puting the stuff they used in a plastic bag for u! i'll manage to go there one day ;)

A Journal Entry said...

eee wanasah!

Anonymous said...

Shaklaa eyanen bs mokana mdre! I am in love with 2 places,
Nailtini & Queen Nails www.queenails.com

A Journal Entry said...

i've tried queen nails.. wayd zain if u can't leave home.. bs nailtini i haven't tried them yet.. i will try it soon =)

Anonymous said...

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