Oct 9, 2008


This bug either hates me so much or can't resist my sweetness! (6ab3an it's the second choice! ;p)
la seriously.. it doesn't stop with one bite la2.. laaaazim two bites aw akthar!

right now i have one near my eyebrow (thank god its a small one), two small ones near my wrist, two small ones on my leg, a huge one on my arm, aaaand an even huger one on my leg!!! la ya3ni c'mon! Laish kil hal 7iqd?!

it itches me so bad oo i'm trying so hard not to touch them bs i can't stop the urge to dig my nails in them.. oo that caused an ugly scar to appeare on my leg oo i have a party coming up that i'm gonna wear a short dress for and this ugly scar will show =(

damn u stupid bug.. i HATE u =(

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Big Pearls said...

I hate bugs..and whatever is related to insects!

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

jeesh bad bug baaaaad :P

mmm when i dont want to scratch, I use vaseline on but it works:P

A Journal Entry said...

big pearls
yeah me too! =/

hmm vaseline.. i'll give it a try ;)

Technogal said...

Who doesn't hate bugs! :(

q8Honey said...

buy the masquito bite stick from the pharmacey! it's amazing .. just put it once or twice and it's gone

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

theres this thing at the pharmacy...esma stingy or stingz shay chithee...yellow 8a6ra...its pretty nice :)

oo call extermination ;)

jooj said...

oucch :s rshy 36r 3al gar9 :P

A Journal Entry said...

ee wallah =/

9ij?? coz i bought this cream min boots but it works for two hours or so b3dain erid mithil awal!

i'll go buy it.. thanx!

oo i'll ask about this as well.. thank u!

i tried that when i woke up in the middle of the night last night.. ur right, it helped a bit..

Anonymous said...

latlmseeeenhm ;'(
feni scars shkethrrr mnhm !!!!!! walla ma yro7oooooon :'( since 2004

Charmbracelet said...

I was never bitten by bugs..!=O
I dont care itha dami mu 7lw 3ala golathm!=p lol
matshofeen shar..put the special cream they put on bug bites=)

A Journal Entry said...

Omg min 2004?!

i'm trying not to make it worse bs i think the damage is done =(

charmbracelet n
A7sanlich wallah eftakaitay!

Oreo Madness said...

salamaaat!! ma tshofeen shar enshallah!

nice blog :)

A Journal Entry said...

oreo madness
allah esalmich il shar mayeech.. oo thanx alot for ur complement =D

Anonymous said...

You should shoot him off ;p make sure you shoot him and not your eyes or nose.haha

Oranjina fadidra said...

stop eating omali and u'll be jst fain, or can you?

A Journal Entry said...

Oh that would be a sweet revenge!

oranjina fadidra
Ok i fisrt read "omali" as in goerge omali from grey's ;P

I guess i can't help my sweet tooth!

aTooNa said...

7araam..6 bug bite mo shwaya :/
yallah at least the bug had a good feast :p

inshalla the scar goes away, my past bugbite scars are gone.
cover it w/ foundation for the 7afla :)

Delly said...

dont spray perfume on it! once a doctor told me that this the stupidest thing to do coz it might get infected to tekbar o tekbar o tekbar :s fa be careful dear ;*

Faten said...

I've been also bitten, I hate them..salamaaaat

A Journal Entry said...

it was s feast for them indeed!
yeah i guess that's what i'm going to do =/

no onder they'r not getting any smaller!

thanx for this new info!

allah e3eenich =s
oo allah esalmich dear =)

Fastidious Babe said...


PaLoMiNo said...

weeeeeeeeeeee3 i hateeeeeeeeee 7ashraaaaaaaaaaat weee3 ;x

A Journal Entry said...

fastidious babe
Ee 7addah!

Me toooooo!

Squirreliya said...

ya kerhh el bugsssss ..7e6ay cream ybarid 3alaih ..or wash it with cold water

J o u j a™ said...

waaaai3 ana b3d jesmi matroos 3ala my chin, arm and legs ;/ its hurts waied wallah :(

Ghadoor said...

wai3 wai3 i hate bugs .. 7adhm ed3al ;\

A Journal Entry said...

Eee il cold water works like a charm!
Abalil tissues oo asaweehum kamadat!

aaa777! On ur chin? ya kirihum!

Hehehe ee wallah ed3al!

Shoush said...

I hate them too. ;/ All bugs. Except tiny ants.

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i'm ok with tiny ants 2.. but only if they were 2-4.. mo jama3ah!

Meticulous said...

hehe like pheobe :P

A Journal Entry said...

heheheh now that's an idea.. how come i forgot that?!

Marshie said...

OMG I just saw a bee near my house's door and it was refusing to go away eachtime I get closer to the door it flies straight to my face :(

A Journal Entry said...

weeeeeeeh deeray balich!