Oct 17, 2008

Lil Fishy

saw this ultra cute coin pouch at Furla.. i didn't get it coz maly 7ajah feeha.. bs now that i'm at home chinny ta7asaft!

i can always use it in my car to stylishly carry my coins.. more fun than simply putting them in the car's coin tray (or whatever they call it) oo artaab ba3ad, 9a7?!


♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

woow so cool which store? and nice idea;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

this has got to be the cutest fishy ive seen for a while! =D

Delicately Realistic said...

Tara wayid cute !
Get it !!

Charmbracelet said...

I'm sorry..
me no like !=|

Nemo said...

i like it!

A Journal Entry said...


isn't it?!

delicately realistic
i will 2morrow enshallah! =D

charmbracelet n
haw don't be!
it's ur taste ;)

of course u do.. it's one of ur cousins ;p

A Journal Entry said...

furla ;p

Marshie said...

How much does it cost?

A Journal Entry said...

It's around 20 kd..

FourMe said...

too freaking cute!! bs 20kd for something you'll throw in the car 7aram :/

BeBe said...

thank God u left it coz i'll go there n get it before u :P
omg so cute i have an old cute car coin purse i don't really use it now im gonna put it in my car :P
stole your idea :P

Squirreliya said...

eeeeh etshaaaweg ;p

Big Pearls said...

oooh cute pouch:)

A Journal Entry said...

u think so??
ur right.. bs i think that i can't resist!

heheheh.. ashwanna i saw two of them ;p

7adha! =)

big pearls
very! =)

Marshie said...

أتش أند أم عندهم coin purses
وايد و بدينارين و نص جذي أسعارهم

هذي وايد عليها 20

A Journal Entry said...

9ajah i know naw3an ma wayed 3alaiha.. bs i'm in love with it!

i'll check the ones fe H&M ;)

Mrs. said...

its soooooooooooo cute!!! I love its colors!

Shoush said...

Hehe, so adorable!

F. said...

It is cute...

Fastidious Babe said...

lol i know when u get that tug of i gotta have it! well mabrooka! xx

MeeMzZ said...


Oranjina fadidra said...

la i5alin shi ib5a6rich! take it!

Anonymous said...

Chena it's freaky shwaya;p

A Journal Entry said...

ba3ad in real it looks better!

isn't he?!


fatidious babe
i still didn't have the time to
pass by and get it =S

heheh i didn't get it yet.. enshallah 2morrow !

oranjina fadidra
i 100% agree with u =D

hehehe 7araaaam it's not!
don't hurt it's feelings ;p

Anonymous said...

oooh I hate when that happens!... wayed i9eer feenii at7asaf laish ma khathait il shay...JE tara kilyoum a7is its soooo scary how alike the two of us are... wayed ashyaaa2 itgooleenha a7is "thats so me"... o I don't feel that way often!!... anyway the pouch thing is really cute;p

Anonymous said...

looks really nice and cute...

Anonymous said...


Balqees said...

if u don't want it
u know u can always give it to me
i need a coin bag thingy and i can't find a nice one :P
+ it looks really cute

A Journal Entry said...

purely orchid
hehehe 9ij?!
hmm, maybe that's why i like u alot! ;p

oo everytime i look at the pic it makes me smile!

eeeeee alot!

5ala9 that justifies me buying it =D

H said...

ive seen that one toooo .. bas kanat 7amra o i was on kings road in london .. o i regretted not buying it sooooooo much too!! lol

Anonymous said...

heheh ee 9ij!!;p... aww I like you alot too;**

A Journal Entry said...

eeee there was another one feeha red!
both are so cute!

purely orchid
heheh.. thaaanx!? =D

PaLoMiNo said...

waiiiiiiiiiii cute :* :)

Peony said...

go for it!!! eeshaawig 7ada... the way i see it, u can never get enough of cute things that u don't need ;)

A Journal Entry said...

"u can never get enough of cute things that u don't need"

wow.. this will be my motto!

A Journal Entry said...

eeee mo?! =D