Oct 23, 2008

It's here!

guess what i found in sephora??

my fav fekkai hair mask! (if u have coloured hair u should give it a try .. i love it!)
there's no need for stocking up while travelling anymore!
yaay =D


Squirreliya said...

thanks thanks ..will try it akeed, sha3ri sayer over khafeef ;(

Charmbracelet said...

bs my hair mu colored =p

Oranjina fadidra said...

good? how?

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

whats it for?
like damaged wla dry wla 5afeef?

and is it any good??

Meticulous said...

wala zain they have something! i was soo disappointing with their btha3aaa! half the shelves were empty !

A Journal Entry said...

hmmm i don't think it will suit u 3ayal.. coz it's not volumizing..

charmbracelet n
5ala9 3ayal remember it if u ever dye ur hair! ;p

oranjina fadidra & dandoon
walla it works very well with me.. it make my hair looks shiny..
oo 3ala goolat o5oona fekkai "replenish moisture lost in colouring and protects against fading oo leaves hair vibrant and silky"

eee 9ajah it's v.empty.. oo the sales ppl other there are oh so annoying.. oo la ba3ad ma e3arfoon shay!

BeBe said...

cool i'll go check their hair products out :P

Big Pearls said...

my hair mu colored..maybe in the future..thanks:)

Charmbracelet said...

I'm gna dye it pink someday!=O
=p LOL
what do u think?

J o u j a™ said...

hehe ;p
thanks for telling us ;p

A Journal Entry said...

yeah do so =)

big pearls
anytime! ;)

charmbracelet n

wow that would be a dramatic change!

heheh sharing my beauty secrets ;p