Oct 20, 2008

If cats can laugh

.. then this kitty will be laughing her heart out!

i love cats.. alot.. ( i don't own one bcoz of the stupid allergies =/ )
i don't yell at them when i find them standing right behind my car wana ba6la3 min il garage..
i stop and honk the horn when suicidal cats cross the road at exactly the moment i pass by ( don't they always seem to do that?! ya3ni 7abakat eb hal la7tha etmureen?!)

i'm usually never mean to them.. until today!

there's this cat that always sits on top of hubby's old car.. oo kil ma eshoofha he throws an empty bottle near her 3alashan ti5tiri3 oo tgoom.. so today he was holding a half full bottle oo he was gonna throw what's left of it at the cat.. ana ehny eshta6ait.. "la la let me do it!"

JE tifta7 il bu6il oo tirfa3 eedhaa ab3ad ma yumkin (for the water to reach masafah ab3ad) oo etrish il maay eb kil quwat'ha..

3/4 the contents of the bottle was spilled on me oo il 1/4 il thany on the street oo wala 7attan 7ash il ga6wah!!!

6ab3an hubby MAT min il thi7ik while i immdediately start looking around checking if anyone was watching, with the right side of my shirt and jeans soaking wet..
on only that, but i managed to stain my fav eel skin bag.. a HUGE part of it got wet.. bs ashwa now that it's dry it doesn't show!

lesson learned: min 7afar 7ufra le a5eeh il ga6ow waqa3 feeha!

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Anonymous said...

i love cats too :( .. we used to have cats bs baba yekrahom mayertha q6awa bel beet so eventually he thro them bel share3 :(

hehehehe 3ala el maay :P .. kan elmafroth etsereen el anesa el la6eefa o etgool kes kesh o ten7ash :P lol

Meticulous said...

looooool ok i wish i was there to see !!! heheh

Delicately Realistic said...


i laughed so hard !!

and i love them too...and i never shout at them either ;>

Charmbracelet said...

lool !!=p
7raamm..dont do that to cats !=O
tigger lama inzifa ysma3 il kallam =)

A Journal Entry said...

weeeeh wa3alayah tiyatimaw eg6awatkum =/

hehehe yal na7eesah! ;p

delicately realistic
eee their face is so innocent illy u can't shout at them! =)

charmbracelet n
it was the 1st time being that mean i swear!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ambaih i can see it in my head! =D

Ghadoor said...

loooool .. hard luck ;p

3ad walla i love cats too ;\
bs dad mo rathi i own one now

m3ana gbel kan 3adi o kan 3endena 3 cats
o one of them yabat 4
ya3ni ana rabya m3a g6awa :p

Anonymous said...

I hate cats :@

A Journal Entry said...

heheh ;p

il thahir il g6awah yaninooh!

whyyyyyyy?! they'r so cute!

Zabo0o6a said...

hehehe, i have allergies as well :(

Shoush said...

LOL!!! I can sooo see the whole situation! FUNNY, hehe!

A Journal Entry said...

Weeh allah e3eena 3alaiha =/

Heheh ee ana kil ma thikart il mawqif a7is oolah yal dagrah!

ManalQ8 said...

I love cats
my girl as well

i wish i was there to see
the film

nyxxie said...

hahaha a7la shai bel mawthoo3 the learned lesson ;p kekeke

jooj said...

looooool i hate cats i wouldve thrown the bottle at it :P with the water inside

Squirreliya said...

LOOL wa3alaya ..mo zain tishta66aiN :P

BeBe said...

lol poor thing ((you not the cat )):P
i had a kitten for 5 months or so
he was so clever n sweet but for the safety of my lil bro we had to sell the kitten i still miss him :(

A Journal Entry said...

little girls these days seem to be scared of cats!

hehehe ee 9ij ya3ni allah ma yi6ig eb 3a9a!

loool u mean thing ;p

Killlish mo zain!

heheh shiftaaay?! =/

yeah it carries germs and stuff.. killish not safe for a lil boy..

H said...

LooooooL .. thats karma for u ;)