Nov 26, 2008


the most amazing brownie in the whole world

so moist and has just the right amount of sugar..
what makes it even better?? it's lowfat! so u can (kind of) enjoy it while setting ur guilty conscience aside ;p


Anonymous said...

elsura 7adha etshaweg !!!

shino hal 3aseeer? orange wala jazar ? :P shakla yshaweg

F. said...



TOOTA said...

7adaaaa i agree with you evertime i go there i have to order brownies!! it's tasy as hell!!;p

Lili3 said...

it looks so YUMMY!!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

now u tell me?
after i had a walnut brownie mn starbucks?
you know, hathee eli kilish mafeeha calories? ;Pp

A Journal Entry said...

laa it's passion fruit green tea.. oo ham 7addah 3ajeeb!

heheh i know how to take pics! ;p

i sometimes take one extra to go 7ag my breakfast the other day!

it sure is =)

3ad i never tried starbuck's walnut brownie.. sounds good =)

Fastidious Babe said...

im gonna try it tomorrow inshalla! bl3afya xx

Charmbracelet said...

I knooow!!=O

Shoush said...

Caribou, here i come!

FourMe said...

Yum!! looks yummy.. bil 3afiya..

eshda3wa said...


im so not a brownie fan

nyxxie said...

yum, I feel like some. I asked my helper to make me some today but they turned out too sweet

Zahra said...

Now I'm craving a brownie!

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it..I eat it every day at my work :D

BeBe said...

i tried that brownie
i used to eat one everyday :P
it's really sweet and soft and so delicious

jooj said...

mafeeee caribou fe landannnnnnnnnnn :'(((((

A Journal Entry said...

fastidious babe
i hope that they have it over there =)

charmbracelet N
heheh sounds like someone is loving it too ;)

oh let me know what u think about it!

allah e3afeech dear =D

allah e3afeech.. luck u! =/

weeeeh 7asafah =/
maybe a cup of turkish coffee balances the sweetness..

heheheh do try them tara theyr really good!

heheh lucky u!!
3alaik bil 3afya =D

3ayal ham entay lucky u!
hehehe ;p

u know i think that it's made here in kuwait.. i'm not sure if they make it anywhere else.. coz they sell it fee caribou bs there isn't a caribou sticker on them..

zina said...

then i should try it :D

A Journal Entry said...

yeah u really should ;)

Technogal said...

3leeech bel3adia.. didn't try it yet.. but after what I read I will definitely try it!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is actually THE BEST brownie in the whole wide world...mmmmmm sooo goooood!!

Karamilah said...

me want

SHOMA said...

jarbay il pumpkin cake/pie malat'hom a7la shay!!

think-become said...

baroo7 ajaribha bacher!

libero anima said...

i love eating brownies with vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle ..

Oranjina fadidra said...

I don't believe in diet, meaning its not humanly possible to have all the sugar with conscience-free state! 6al.. a9lan diet food taste like rubber

Ruby Woo said...

Did you try Health Stops low fat brownie? One peice feeha 33 calories only!

BeBe said...

i recommend caribou's cookies
they are so tasty :)
i simply love them !

BTW you've been tagged :P

Music, Happiness, Love said...

im craving brownies now;/

A Journal Entry said...

allah e3afeech dear.. ee u shud!

purely orchid
eee 9ij i've never tried a brownie that tasted that good..

heheh yeah i know!

eeee 7adha 3ajeeba.. it's provided to them by caramel etha many ghal6anah..

hope u like it!

libero anima
allaaaah what a great combo!

oranjina fadidra
hehehe sometime i don't as well bs ya3ni .. il wa7id erayi7 thamerah when he beleives enna he's eating something that won't add as much fat to his body as a regular thing would..

ruby woo
no i have'nt.. will give that a try =)

la i haven't tried them .. i'll make sure to do so next time ;)

ok then one tag post coming up!

yeah.. me too! =/

SOS! said...

I don't why I never end up going to caribou... but the browniw looks yumm...

A Journal Entry said...

3ad it's my fav coffee place here in Kuwait.. u should give it a try =)

Anonymous said...

Madre laish ma7eb hal cafe.. mo 7elo ;x
anyways.. 3awafi

A Journal Entry said...

really?! 3ad it's my fav!

oo thank u ;)