May 17, 2009

And we did it!

I went and got my jensiya stamped.. even though i didn't have my hopes high on the outcome, but i went anyways to prove a point. that we will never give up!

i was pleased with the most of the results.. i never expected to have 4 women win in this elections! oo la ba3ad eb marakiz mitqadmaah! =D

hope that they really make a difference.
way to go ppl! =D


Candy said...

mashallah mabro0o0k =D
a7la shay el enah 4 women won the election =D

Bahrain Fashion said...

Mabrook to Q8!

Fastidious Babe said...

mabroook! u guys rock walla! xxx

A Journal Entry said...

candy eeee wanasaaah! =D

Bahrain fashion thanx allah ebarik feech ;)

Fastidious babe thanx alot! it's about time!

zina said...

Congratulations 2 Q8!
it's gonna be a new stage.

Stand-Alone~ said...

Mabro0okeen and all the best =)

Gee said...

Eee walla el results shay yathlej el 9ader ;p

O allah ytamem 3laina

eshda3wa said...

im so so happyyy!!

Coconut said...

we did it, yes we did :P
Mabro0ok everyone.. Change is here :)

Project Kenya 2011 said...

I'm so sad I didn't get to vote... :( Mabrook ya Kuwait!!! I'm so so so happy!

A Journal Entry said...

zina thanx alot! yes it is!

stand-alone allah ebarik feech dear ;)

gee ameeeeeen ya rab!

eshda3wa me tooooo!

coconut allah ebarik feech.. heeyaah!!

project Kenya 2011 enshallah next time ;)