May 15, 2009


So tomorrow is the big day!
get ur jinsiya's ready o VOTE!
la e7ooshkum il ya2s o etithaigaloan il rou7a.. only YOU can make a difference!

tadroon shino a7la shay?

enna the haunting persistent phone calls will stop!
no more hearing the stupid question "a7i6 9a7 yam esmich?" or the so called " sharikat estibyan" illy just doing some "studies" 3ala mino bakhtar!
oo no more million msgs bil digeega from a candidate, kha9atan illy lajnitah il nisa2iyah spoke to u o asked u if u want to be informed with a msg when a nadwa is coming up o u specifically told them not to. way to go for ignoring raghbat il nakhib!

anyways, wish u all an easy trouble free voting process! ;)

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Candy said...

hala JE,
laish ma 3endna voting hnee in UAE wallah ana ba3ad aba voting guurl

Maitha* said...

Candy - its because we aren't a democratic country :D we live in a Sheikhdom!

Good luck to all you kuwaitiis!! All the best :)

Technogal said...

Wallah 9edagtai!
No more phone calls + No more SMS :)

A Journal Entry said...

cany & maithaWe only had the right to vote recently.. Hope u get urs soon! ;)


BeBe said...

thank God im not 21 :P
i dont like all the hustle and bustle that happenes in the elections thank God it's over

Candy said...

hi again :D
maitha they are not voting for the president :D they r voting for the parliament 9aaaaa7 JE wela la??
and gurl do we have parliament hnee in the UAE? lol i feel am an illiterate abt politics =D

A Journal Entry said...

bebe but it's nice to know that u can contribute in it and that u might make a difference..

candy 9a7 candy it's for the parliament.. hehehe shaklich 9ij ma t7ibeeen il siyasa! ;p

daddies little cuttie said...

girl good luck with that :D

lo0o0ol candy i just had the same thought maitha looool

eshda3wa said...

cant wait to aftak min hal msgs!

zuz said...

la3at chabdy min msgat'hom:@!!! y3ny le meta!!! i hate el majles;/

A Journal Entry said...

daddies little cuttie thaaaaanx! ;)

eshda3wa yippieeeeey!
they stopped! heheh

zuz ehehehe eee nafs il murasha7 ediz nafs il msg il 9ub7 wil3a9ir o belail!