May 25, 2009

A 30 min walk along Shuwaikh's seafront

A couple sitting on a bench facing the sea.. heads close to each other.. watching a mobile screen held in the girl's hand.. when all of a sudden she stands up, throws the mobile on the floor (zain ma 7ashna!) and walks away from him angrily.. he follows her with a pleading look on his face as they pass us by to head to the dark parking lot.

An older couple sitting on the concrete fence with the man looking at his sinnara intently as if to encourage it to catch a fish while his wife impatiently pours him yet another cup of tea.

A group of 8 guys sitting in a circle on the sandy beach with one of them playing il 3ood and having a lousy little samra that no one seemed to enjoy except for themselves.

A man wearing only emkassar shouts as the cold water touches him while he wades in the water.. he seemed to be chalanged by his friends illi were standing on the shore laughing at him.

3 women in abaya's sitting on another bench.. one of them raises her mobile and gives the screen a long kiss and sighs while her friends look at her with what seemed like envy in her eyes.

A little girl giggling as she runs away from her brother who's trying to catch her.. even though it was 11:00 PM on a school day and u can't help but wonder why r they still not asleep.

Those were some of the diverse scenarios that passed me while walking at night along Shuwaikh's seafront.. an interesting night indeed!



Anony said...

i thought entay eli emsawraa 3ajeeba el sora :P

heheh 30min o kil hal a7daath :O

men zemaan mare7na menaak

Anony said...

3asa el jaw kan zain?

Bahrain Fashion said...

Very interesting.. "The Shuwaikh Seafront: A True Story"


A Journal Entry said...

anony laaa il 9oora borrowed ;p
shiftaay! heheh killa eb nu9 sa3a!
il jaw kan ok.. ya3ni shway 7ar bs laish enna 3al 11:00 belail kan ma3qool..

Bahrain fashion heheheh! yup! this could be an excellent name for this post!

MiYaFuSHi said...

Good eye ;)

A Journal Entry said...

miyafushii was on an observationary (is that a word??) mood!

Zabo0o6a said...

I used to go walk there around 6 am in the morning o matsadgeen shkether kan feeh nas tamshey !

A Journal Entry said...

zaboo6a wow mashallah!
3ad atwaqa3 the view ekoon 3ajeeb hal 7azzah..

Candy said...

halaa Jeee,
yaaaaaay! a7eb el sawalif =DD
and omg u had a nice style in writing! do u work in a magaine or media,kinda like that,that's why ur nick is JE?

keep-up the rock posts =D

zina said...

this view is awesome!
i loved the why how u described them,

A Journal Entry said...

candy Heeeey there!
Oh candy ur always so kind with what u say.. Thanx a lot!!
Hehe bs don't say stuff like that akhaf a9adig 3umri! ;p

zina Ee the photographer did amaaaaazing job eb hal pic mashallah.. O glad u enjoyed the post! ;)

Stand-Alone~ said...

mashallah.. All this in half an hour!

this is very interesting..

Elegant Chic said...

Love the view! Very relaxing and sure u were in an observationary mood ;)

Cooookies said...

i luv going there

A Journal Entry said...

stand aloneYeah!
There were even more interestinf scenarios that day bs I didn't want to let the post be a long one..

elegant chicEe mashallah wayd 7ilo!

cooookiesIts wonderful there when the weather is nice..

Eulalia said...

LOVE this post! you know what i love to do? i love to put my headphone and listen to my favorite track and just watch people move to my song ;)

BeBe said...

i really wanna go there can u believe that i havent been there at all not even once :(

Candy said...

walla am not flattering,am just saying wut i felt..

and yaaa i wanna know how 2 write like this @@!

no sympathsis plz <_<"

eshda3wa said...

ma kan 7ar?!

A Journal Entry said...

eulalia heheh! sounds like fun!

BeBe the place there reminds me of childhood!

candy merci beaucoup dear =D

eshda3wa wallah it way okay.. mo 7ar o mo barad..

Anonymous said...


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