Jun 15, 2009


This brush works magic!!
oo the funny thing is that i was buying it o ana mo 3ajibni o magh9oobah!
i was abroad o ektishaft enni nasya my sephora ceramic brush ili kint amoooot 3alaiha.. so i went to not one but 5 sephoras o all of them didn't have it.

fa khathait hathi il brush illi 6ay7a min 3aini min a supermarket.. o it turned out to be the best that i've ever used!

as stated, it really is ouchless.. it doesn't snag ur hair at all..

o ba3ad it's fuss free when it comes to getting rid of il hair strands ili 6ay7een.. bs press a button and voila!

no hair there anymore! whoevere invented it is a genius!


Amethyst said...

Genius, indeed!

Technogal said...

awesome! where can I find it in which supermarket?

Jouja™ said...

3leech bel 3afya ;p
it does magic ;p

A Journal Entry said...

3ajeeeb mo?!

i got it from a supermarket when i was abroad.. in kuwait i checked il jouthan bs they don't sell Goody's stuff.. il check sultan center next time i'm there to see if they carry it.. if they do i'll let u know =)

allah e3afeech thanx! ;)

Candy said...

anaaa ba3ad abaaa!!

atoona said...

astaness when things are unexpectedly really good and useful!

looks cool, bs i still think with my hair it would be ouch-full ;p

A Journal Entry said...

heheh! look if u carry the brand
"Goody" in UAE ;)

eee wanasah!
bs atoooon u should try it.. it doesn't hurt at all!

Fastidious Babe said...

ur kidding! must check it out! XD

A Journal Entry said...

fastidious babe
i kid u not!! heheh ;p

Ruby Woo said...

Allah yhadach, if you're gonna promote something, choose something that's available in kuwait. Tirthain 7alti al7een ini shafyana 3ala hal brush o fe i7timal ina ma algah?

FourMe said...

nop i'm old school a7eb elfrsh elkhashab :/

A Journal Entry said...

ruby woo
u can always buy it online (fee link bil post).. 9ij 3abalah bs ba3ad shitsaween..

bs tara il ceramic dries the hair faster..

Anonymous said...

ahh one more fashion tool for ladies :D

Gee said...

ana agol reday eshteri men cham darzan o tajray feh hni bel kuwait
walla yamshi sooga o terb7een, o yemken e9er habba :p

A Journal Entry said...

yup.. a girl needs some styling weapons ;p

good business thinking!
rabi3na ma khalaw shay ma eglobooh business!

Cooookies said...

find it yet ?

Cooookies said...
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A Journal Entry said...

la wallah =/
chayakt in a co-op bs ma kan feeh.. i still didn't go to sultan center.. but i will shortly..

±What±Im±about± said...

walla entai il amazing ;p! uve been tagged 7ubi ;* ;p

A Journal Entry said...

what im about
thaaaaanx dear =D
i'll do it mo bil next post illi warah ;p

Stand-Alone~ said...


A Journal Entry said...

stand alone
search for it if u have it there in Oman.. wayd zain!

Elegant Chic said...

Cooooool!!!! Me want one... let me knw if its available here in Q8

A Journal Entry said...

elegant chic
so far nope, i went to sultan center sharg 3 weeks ago taqreeban o they don't have it.. i'll be on the lookout =)

MonMon said...

oh 7amsteeni !
i'll put it on my list =D