Jun 2, 2009

Experimenting with Kuwaiti cuisine

I did a huge thing. something not everyone can do.. something sooooo difficult and way out of my league.. sawaait machboos deyaay! ee ya jama3a u've read that right.. ana Journal Entries made a machboos deyay!

oo it was very good - putting aside the fact that the taste of maay ward o za3faran was a bit stronger than it should have been - the outcome was great! il deyay ma 6ala3 zafir mithil ma kint a7ati.. oo il 3aish was cooked to perfection!

i know il pics of my machboos deyay doesn't compare to Marzouq's.. bs u must see proof of machboosy's existence by urselves, plus this needs to be documented le2ana hatha 7adath tareekhy! ;p

Preparing the tub for the chicken

half way through

the rice almost done

aaaaaaand the end result =D


FourMe said...

@@ la laaa ma9adig!! this is your first attempt? well done :D

jad shakla eyshawig.. bl 3afya

Manal said...

يا سلام ما شاء الله


هذا اسمه ابداع

تسلم الايادي


الصورة خطيرة

Anony said...


hanee o 3afyaa :D

teslaam eeedech khoosh 6ebaakh walla :D

MiYaFuSHi said...

Hmmmm looks yummy!

Daddy's Girl said...

masha2 allaaaha

ma3a ini ma akil dyay o ma a7eb il machboos... i have 2 say this looks yummy!

ana sar li 5 years a6bakh... tawnee ta3alamt asawee 3aish... :D

next trial for u? immawash rbyan ;) u can do it i am sure... o 3almenee shloon plz

Anonymous said...

wooot wooot! loooks good!!

I never knew ina machboos is not too bad to make until i first tried it myself!

A Journal Entry said...

FourMe wallah ana nafsi mo em9adgah!!
heheh yi6la3 minni!

manal allaah esalmich =D
bs ma no9al mowa9eelich mashallah.. i enjoy ur recipes alot!

anony hehehhe!
allah e3afeeeech!! ee il9ara7a ta3abt wayd 3al laq6a ;p

miyafushi il 7imdillah it was =D

Daddy's girl ham ana awal marrah a6bakh 3aish.. bs immawash baryani 9a3bah shway! wayd advanced ;p
i'll write the recipe bil next comment ;)

eleventhst ee wallah it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be either!

A Journal Entry said...

the recipe:

boil the chicken until it is done in a jider filled with water. put half an onion, one tomato cut into quarters, mismarain, kisrat darseen, 5-6 7abbat hail o fa9 thoum o mil7. when it's done remove it and brush it with maay ward and za3faran.. a lil bit of oil, shwayat darseen o hail powder o ma3joon 6uma6 o put it bil oven lain eta7ammar..

don't throw il water that is left, just remove il ashya2 illi feeh o keep it to cook the rice with.

in another jidir put shwayat oil o butter o one chopped onion o thoum.. cook until tender then 7i6ay darseen o hail powder o mil7 then add il 3aish (maghsool o emnagga3) oo mix it then add maay il deyay lain egha6i il 3aish o ezeed shway.. cook on high heat for 10 min (with the jidir being covered o the metal peice thinggi under it) then open it o pour on top shwayat hail o shwayat maay ward o darseen.. add water whenever u feel like it needs to.. oo bas! now u have machboos deyay!

A Journal Entry said...

oh and after those 10 min o adding may il ward cover it again o cook on low heat until it's done

Zabo0o6a said...

Lazem t3almeeni 3yal , abaih mo shay ashof hal post o ana mayta
you3 o it's 12 am :/

A Journal Entry said...

zaboo6a a36y classes et'hagain?! ;p

Candy said...

yummy anaaa a9lan a7eb machboos deyay <_<"
gotta check my home fridge,is there any food lol

Stand-Alone~ said...

a7la min the prawns i cooked =D

3aleeki bil 3afiya...
really looks yummy..
now i want machboos...

±What±Im±about± said...

machboos prefesionelya hatha !!! yah yah yah yah ! 7arkaaat JE !! mashallah shakla latheeeeeeth ! 3laikom bil 3afya ;**

Charmbracelet said...

aaaaallaaah ! shaklaa yummy !!=O
mashalla 3alaich =*

A Journal Entry said...

lol! shall i FedEx u some??! ;p

stand alone
la la ma o9al muwa9eel il prawns! 9a3ba 3alay wayd!

what i'm about
loooool!! ee mo?! 7addi mistansa!

charmbracelet N
wallah a7san min ma tiwaqa3t eb waayd!

zuz said...

@@ shakla yummy!! teslam edich..

A Journal Entry said...

allah esalmich zuz thaaanx ;)

KTDP said...

good work!


Anonymous said...

looks yummy!

hani w 3afya ;p


A Journal Entry said...

Allah e3afeeek thaaaanx ;)

Eee il 7imdillah ma khawan feeni! ;p

PaLoMiNo said...

woooooow mashalla yummy :D

Cooookies said...

Looks good bil3afya

yalla metta door ilghoozi :P

eshda3wa said...


tesam eedich

oo 3alaikum eb alf 3afya

A Journal Entry said...

Hhehe! Eeee taraqaina gumna ensawy michabees o 7arakat!

Heheh! Ooolah ghoozi marra wa7da!?

Thaaanx allah e3afeech =)

Fastidious Babe said...

mashalla! u obviously have what it takes XD bl3afya sweets xx

Ruby Woo said...

Mashalla you're a really good cook ;)

A Journal Entry said...

fastidious babe
i do, don't i?! =D

ruby woo
thaaaaaanx dear =D

Neoark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neoark said...

did i ever mention how elegant and intelligent female you are?

i didn't say that for the food :p

A Journal Entry said...

kil hatha 3ashan il food?! ;p

female symphony said...

mshallah but i'm not a big fan of traditional food

Anonymous said...

bel3afiya :)

A Journal Entry said...

female symphony
3ayal ana il 3yoosh 3indy shay muqaddas!! chinni 3ayooz!

allah e3afeek =D

Anonymous said...

Nice attempt, good job & all of that praising stuff (clap clap) looks yummy. Not a regular reader of yours, came accross your blog be9edfa. What really saddens me is this "Daddy's girl ham ana awal marrah a6bakh 3aish.. bs 'IMMAWASH BARYANI' 9a3bah shway!...."
How is it cute/funny/cool/whatever u were trying to be/do to be ignorant about ur own culture? I mean what the hell is emmawash baryani? emmawash is one dish and baryani is another! PLEASE! you can not combine the two. I'd like to hear you, at least, mispronounce a European dish name and not be embarrased about it [o0o0oh mat3aref what penne arrabiata is] fashla ha? But a "Kuwaiti Cuisine" is always fun to act dumb and completely clueless about it. Please take it with an open heart

A Journal Entry said...

thatx for the notice.. but i'm pretty sure it was written min ghair qa9d.. when i 1st read ur commet i thought u were talking about daddy's girls's comment so i was just about to answer u enna U got it wrong oo enna she meant emmawash ribyan! then i thought ket me read my reply 1st oo then i got what u mean

anywayz.. thanx for dropping by

Anonymous said...

aww! 7abeebti. I feel bad now. Sorry for taking it out on you like that maybe it really was a typo. But seriously, Not knowing how to speak proper Kuwaiti seems to be the new trend amongst Kuwaiti girls nowadays, calling English their first language. I mean It's nice to be educated and fluent in the language of the world, English that is, but neglecting your own language isn't cool. It doesn't attract guys either, don't you think so? I'm so frustrated. Embrace your Kuwaitiness girls!

A Journal Entry said...

no harm done!
i understand exactly what u mean oo i agree with u 100%.. 9ar il 3aib illi yaghli6 bil english oo il kashkha illli ma yifham il 7achi il kuwaiti..

i think it's the parents' job to do so.. al7een illi yadrisoon eb madaris kha9ah zadaw wayd 3an awal.. oo u see parents everywhere speaking to their children bil englaizy.. they shouldn't do so.. it's important to communicate bil bait bil 3araby 3alashan il lugha il asasiya mat9err thanawiya..