Jun 10, 2009

Customer service? What customer service?!

I've noticed these days the increase of posts complaining about customer service her in Kuwait. it's like every other day someone has gone through a very bad experience o when they speak to the management about it it's either they don't get a respond or get a respond yiirfa3 il thagh6 illi il wa7id egool law 7agreeni yimkin a7san!

at a restaurant a couple of days ago at the avenues, we complained to the manager about something. bs ma 3a6ana wayd waih fa later on when we were paying the bill we told the waiter to call him again. 10 min later o the manager didn't come!

we called the waiter and asked him if he did call his manager and he told us that he did. so we asked him to call him again, just as he was about to yana il manager yitmakh6ar.. sa2alnah ma nadak il waiter 9arlina mudda na6reen.. chan egool la2.. good thing the waiter was still standing there so we asked him jidamah etha he did o he said yes!!!

il manager tuwahag oo gam egool "haa laa ma sima3t madry sorry"!!
3ithir aqba7 min thanb!!

mo kasir kha6ry eb hal mawqif illa il waiter! et'hagoon shino sawa feeh il manager laman meshaina?! maskeen shaklah 7a9al khoosh zaffah!



±What±Im±about± said...

lol ! 5osh zafa! Say 5osh tafneesha!! ;p
etha tabeni a3aded lich shkether I wasn't please with resturants services not to mention saloons or call centers!
The other day, I complained 2 a manager about the quality of food they had! It wasn't the same quality I'm used 2! Et-hagain shqal !
qal li sorry bs akeed entai '3al6ana! E7na sh'3elna 3arfena!
I really got upset, oo I left gabil la yseer li tafahom thani weyah ;@

A Journal Entry said...

what im about
eee wallah wa3alayah yimkin tifannash!
madry laish ma yi3tarfoan bil kha6a2!! =/

Anonymous said...

It's sad because they don't care anymore. They know people won't stop coming just because of several complaints. And that's even sadder.

zuz said...

i totally agree with u, the other day kenna eb this resturant o the sevice was zift! and i found a hair in my ravioli! chan shegol el manager le7mar, gal "its a mushroom fiber":@!! y3ny ana ma3arf el sha3ar:O, mo 9ij!!

A Journal Entry said...

u r right.. ohma em2amneen 3ala hal shay lil asaf.. but as for me o what happened i'll NEVER go back there!

ahaaaam shay! shino 3abalhum ma nifham wala n3arif?!

Gee said...

w3alaya laish ta7rejon el rayal :p
telgaina tahaza2 3egb
bs 9ej halayam kbar ras.hm
kella mnafseen o malhm 5elg o ma yredon
o el moshkela ena nred nroo7 :p

A Journal Entry said...

hehehe ba3ad 3ashan la ychathib jidamna egool ma sima3!
la wallah ana min 9ij illi a7a9il minhum chithy mu3amala wala a3attib yamhum!

3aliya said...

LOL!! you sound funny when your pissed!! :P

LOOOOOL!!! OMMMGEE!! ZUZZ!!HAHAHA!! wallah zift!! you sound funny

On-The-Rocks said...

lo ana chan sha5alt il modeeer sha5aaaal o zaffaitah zaf mu 6abee3y

Anonymous said...

il7mdilah wala mara dashyt ma63am ow il service zft.

A Journal Entry said...

hatha wana i'm controlling my emotions ;p

on the rocks
wallah kan 7adda ta9arufah e7ir!

don't jinx it!! ;p
enshallah u don't..

Anonymous said...

tell me about it!!! I am getting tired of it...I am a fan of Applebees but their service is worse!! even after complaining several times it is of no use!

A Journal Entry said...

wallah madry shfeehum chithy mikhtarbeen =/