Jun 18, 2009

Spa Aquatonic

I've been wanting to try Spa Aquatonic at Crown Plaza since i've head about it .. so last weekend i went there with the hubby for a massage..

i like the way the place looked it was really nice..

and for once, i was able to understand every single word the therapist said unlike the usual! ;p .. bs the therapist was chatty! ya3ni i was just done with my treatment oo still on the bed when she stands yam rasy o tsolif!!

as for the treatment itself, it was average.. i still rank Spa time at the top and 2nd comes Elements spa at Royal Hayat.. but this is worth trying..


Charmbracelet said...

Woow its looks really niiice ! bs i woldnt want wa7da tagrig 3ala rasii=( =P

A Journal Entry said...

eee killish ma kan khoosh shay!

DoDoq8 said...

kl elblogs are talking about this spa l must visit it

Manal said...


Candy said...

ya salaaam!7elooooo
its veryyyy classy!

atoona said...

nice place, reminded me of alladin ;p

i could so use a massage right now =)

Amethyst said...

That's where I want to be right now!

A Journal Entry said...

wallah it's worth giving them a one time shot laish la2 =)

yeah isn't it? =)

ee wallah il pictures doesn't do it justice

ana it reminds me of Dubai =)

A Journal Entry said...

i think if i had massages on a daily basis i wouldn't mind!

zuz said...

allah i need a massage! bas ba2ajel el mashro3 le after finals;p, shakla eshaweg but i prefer lavendar's massage, min galb et7esena;p

Gee said...

ana 3ajebni el decoration :p

FourMe said...

looks nice! though I don't do spas but this i might try

A Journal Entry said...

heheh eee let it be ur treat ba3d il derasa..
Lavender? wain 9ayer?

eee wayd 7ilo.. 7attan il khashab nafs nagshat il ceramic bil 7ammam (3azich allah)!!

u don't like gettting a massage ya3ni?

Anonymous said...

the place looks relaxing ....

Ruby Woo said...

I really need a massage once I'm done with summer course. This looks really nice.

Simply Bahrainia said...

YAAAY abi aroo7 (A)
kl ma i decide to go to a spa something has to come up to ruin my plans :S

A Journal Entry said...

it is,, u should try it out..

ruby woo
nothing beats a day of pampering after exams =)

simply bahraini
ukh i hate when that happens =/

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