Sep 4, 2009


the 13th of ramadam marks the 1st day of gergai3an.. where kids walk around houses asking for sweets, doing it the modern way with their nannies and a driver tagging along!

those 3 days used to be the highlight of ramadan when i was a kid.. awal ma e5alli9 il fu6oor i'll be ready with my gergai3an bag hanging around my neck waiting for my mother's permission for me to start walking around the blocks of our area with my neighboring friends..

6ab3an kanat 3indina 5i66a mu3ayanah bil tegirgi3.. en5ish il byoot illy ta36ey ashya2 san3ah 7ag a5ir shay! there is this one house that gives away kitkat + 1 bafak! hehehe allah ya wanasatna!

aaahhh the golden old days =)



Mone said...

Ahhhhh walah ayaaaam !!
I wish I live my childhood again :p

We don't have kids in our house and no one ygarg3 in our area but the mothers send some fancy boxes with yummy chochlate for nighbours!!
A7s gbl '3eeeeeeer !!

zuz said...

Sallim JE yalla 5alha lumha yallaah :D ! Hehe ana wayed 6awalt bel tegerge3 ;$ yemken l2na shakly lel7en 6ufooly :p

Faith said...

My mom is Bahraini it’s awesome in Bahrain.. the clothes the decoration and most importantly .. the bags.. they made them in every shape and color like they had art of their own . but I quit early I was taller than most of the kids my age ;D

Aurous said...

ee wallah the golden old days...

9j kan ynga9 3alaina eb.kitkat w bafak ;p

A Journal Entry said...

Awal 7azzat il gergai3an il streets matroosa yahal.. Now they rarely pass by .. Al7een 9ar fee 7aflat gergai3an eroo7oon laha!

Thaaaaanx! =D
Ana akhir marrah garga3t kint 13yrs

I like it when kids wear their dishdashas, dararee3 o bukhnag.. Eshawgoooon!

A Journal Entry said...

Ham kan fee bait 3indihum naggaziya .. O ekhaloona nangiz feeha!! Heheh ya far7atnaaa

FourMe said...

I miss girg3ing :(

Another-Penelope said...

wanasaa 7laweyaaaaaaaaaaaat:D

Aicha said...
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Amethyst said...

I love gergi3an clothes!

A Journal Entry said...

me too =/
i sometimes take the kids as an excuse to be walking around ;p

another penelope
heheh eee! bs its a bad thing!
ana emjabla il gergai3an illi yayni 7a6itah infront of the tv oo roooo7!

eee they're colourful oo glittery! ewansoon!

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

a7777aaaaaam 7elwa kanat ayyaaaam 7ubakkkk ;* ;p

A Journal Entry said...

abi omi abi obooy
ee wallah.. aya lait il shabab ya3ood yawman! ;p

Technogal said...

Girgai3an o Girgai3an
it's me yayah agargi3 3endikom ;) 3asa bas girgai3ankom 7iloo??

A Journal Entry said...

wallah 3ad tabeen il 9ij gergai3anna 7ilo ;p

coz bil asas ma sharait hal sina ,, 7a6ait illi 3indi min snikers o mars o skittles eb sallah ;p

eshda3wa said...

i miss those days too

i still love gergai3aaannn

Anonymous said...

seriously our golden days were much innocent :D

Fastidious Babe said...

yaiy.. fun stuff!! XD the good old days indeed xx

Ruby Woo said...

gergai3an awal kan la 6a3am. I remember kina shkitherna in7oos. O i remember kan fe bait ya36i floos ib their gergai3ans, either coins or if you were one of the lucky ones rubi3 aw nis.

A Journal Entry said...

me too!
the sight of kids in the streets makes me smile =)

it really was =)

fastidious babe
if only we can go back!

ruby woo
woooow hatha bait ma 6i7na 3laih lil asaf ;p

brown-suger said...

who says ur too old :P im 20 and garga3t lol

A Journal Entry said...

brown sugar
ma estaghribaw il nas?!