Sep 16, 2009

Got it!

The newest addition to the professor Langdon series.. now i have something interesting to read in the upcoming holiday =D


moi said...

Etsadgeen wela mrra garet 7ag dan brown? ;p

A Journal Entry said...

ana i love him!
i love the mystery in his stories..

zina said...

enjoy reading sweetie ;D
it’s been a while since i read the last book!

A Journal Entry said...

Thanx dear!
I hope it turns out as good as the previous ones

Lili3 said...

It looks sooo interesting :o and mysterious! xD but is it on politics too?? (white house on cover)

Do review when done, k? :3

Faith said...

Waiting for your review ;D
I got all his books but read none .. on my 2010 reading list lol

Candy said...

the lost symbol
seems interesting!!

Gotta search about it..

zuz said...

allaa sounds interesting!

On-The-Rocks said...

i've never read his books, might walla, recommend to me one of his good books to read.. i have plenty of free time these days!

Anonymous said...

I am not into reading books :( y y y??

eshda3wa said...


i want!

Aurous said...

I got it from virgin yesterday too :D

A Journal Entry said...

all i know that the events start at the capitol building.. bs enshallah i'll do a short review when i'm done =)

what r u waiting for?!
u should start immediately!

i hope that it's as good as the rest =)

yeah i like Dan Brown's books..

on the rocks
for me, i liked all of them.. bs i think if u want to read them start with angels an deamons, then the davinci code..

3ad when it's a good book its so much fun!

grab one! ;)

ee ana ma hagait they'll bring it that soon!

Euphoria said...

How is it so far? :)

Manal said...

We just bought it for my daughter
and it is just a short time
she will finish reading it
masha alah she like's reading a lot

A Journal Entry said...

haven't started yet! ;p

3afya 3alaikum.. i like it when parents encourage their kids to read.. hal shay lil asaf mo wayd ga3id e9eer hal ayam..