Sep 11, 2009

O fabulous dress, where art thou?

As soon as Ramadan finishes the weddings season begins.. i have many upcoming weddings oo i need evening dresses so desperately!

but since bedayat rmuthan wana I'm not in the mood for shopping.. mali khulg za7mat il soog.. fa i'm looking online with no luck what so ever..

I had my eye on a dress oo i was waiting for net-a-porter enna enazloonah.. fa i'm checking their site eb ayam taftee7at'hum 3ashan awal ma yanzil i buy it.. fa last week i was checking 3al thahary willa lail7een ma nazalaw.. half an hour later willa it's there and sold out!!!

besmillah il ra7man il ra7eem! it was only half an hour ago that i checked their site! its not faaaair!

3ad kint em3alqa 3alaih amaal.. oo i already had the hairdo and shoes picked =(
i guess i'll have to go shopping now and atqalqa9 eb hal za7ma illi i was trying to avoid.. i have to at least have one dress in my closet before the end of rmuthan to be on the safe side =/



Anony said...

allah y3eeench! :\

shopping for a wedding ebro7a loya o al7een rmthan!

men si jallah y3eenech

chan tabeeen ta3alay asalfech nafnoof :P e7na wayed banaat 6ubay o takhayeray ;p

A Journal Entry said...

shakli basaweeha en ma 7a9alt ;p

Zabo0o6a said...

I haaaaate shopping for party dresses tle3wez!
allah y3eenej!

Aurous said...

allah y3eench... shopping for evening dresses isn't that fun, but if you add za7ma it's torture ;p

Candy said...

what you were waiting for mn zemaaan? :-O it's the weekend and kel il aswag za7maaaah -.-

Standy said...

lol.. maskeena.. good luck.. 3ad ana a7wil an7ash min el weddings..

good luck =D

A Journal Entry said...

me tooo.. it a very difficult task =/

exactly! =s

i knooooow!
kan il mafrooth i start looking gabil rmuthan!

i can't this time some of them are close relatives..

Single said...

try going at 8.30 awal ma yefte7oon, its less za7ma. i went to villa moda ams at 10 pm o it was empty. i wonder where the ppl are

Aishah said...

Contact the net-a-porter customers care and ask them if they can get you the dress in the certain size you want.

Ive asked for sold out items a couple of times and theyve never failed to get me what i want and within a short period of time!!

They even git me a 2 season old sale item that was sold out :)

Im sure they wont fail to impress ;)

A Journal Entry said...

yeah atwaqa3 hatha ansab wagt..

wanasaaaaah thanx ALOT for the info! =D
i'll contact them o enshallah they can bring it to me =D

Sh7afana said...

whats ur budget? o how many dresses tabeen? reply on my blog and ill tell u where u can find what u want

Anonymous said...

oookkh! ni9 sa3a?!
damn! ;p

eshda3wa said...

3ad law ray7a awal ermthan it would have been akahaf za7ma min now..

inshalah ull find somthing

A Journal Entry said...

thank u! =)


ee i knoooow allah ehadani =/
enshallah i hope so..

Jouja_84™ said...

i was gonna tell u about net a porter bs i found it out later that u checked ! shd3wa half an hour :S

yallah allah y3eenich allah yesahel 3leech inshallah

Ruby Woo said...

Al7een so far 3indi 3 3roos min october. Min la khilg limdabach wel loya! Ana 3irsi basaweeh casual 3ashan araye7 lawadem wana I stand out akthar ba3ad ;p

ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ said...

Shopping for party dresses is a NIGHTMARE to me :p

A Journal Entry said...

ameen allah yisma3 minnich!

ruby woo
i have 2 in oct so far oo one in nov...
a7saaan shay wallah.. start this habba plz khal niftak!!
bs 3ad mo jeansat.. la2 chithy libs estiqbal ;p

me too!
it hard finidng that perfect dress!

Anonymous said...

if u are stil lokking there is a kuwaiti website for selected brands such as JIL SANDER Lanvin ysl
i think that ull find what u want
there web site is
good luck

A Journal Entry said...

Thanx a lot!
I will check it out =)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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