Aug 9, 2010

Around Europe in 21 days - Part 1

This summer vacation was unplanned and spontaneous which made it so much more fun!
It flew by so fast oo suddenly it was like khala9 2morrow I'll go back to work, oo kan e7ooshni sh3oor 1st day of school, ili ba6ni e3awirni oo i feel like crying ;p
Do u still get that feeling?! ;p

I'll Leave the pics to do the talking ;)


doona said...

those pictures look beautiful!

hope you had a blast! ;*

Zabo0o6a said...

3alaij bel3afya sweety o el7mdella 3al salamah :**

Zaina said...

Vevey, Geneve, Zurich annnd interlaken:p
gotttaaa lovvvve switzerland:D
glad u had fun :D

swera said...

el7mdella 3ala esalamaaa :)

e9owar khayaaaaaal mashallah!, good thing u had fun! was it Germany?!

eee le bacher e7oshni hal e7sas :/

Journal Entries said...

we did il 7imdillaaah =)

allah esalmich thanx! ;*

heheheh spot on! ;p

those were all in switzerland.. glad u like them! =D
ashwaaa 3ayal i'm not the only one!

Nemo said...

pictures are WOW

Another-Penelope said...

mashalla nice pics and welcome home :)

Journal Entries said...

aren't they?! ;D

another penelope
thaaanx dear! =)

eshda3wa said...

7mdela 3al salama

i miss Europe :(

the boudoir. said...

7imdila 3al r beautiful! especially the ones of the grape yum! i love travel posts so cant wait for the next..3alaich bil3afya

Minx said...

3alaich bel 3afya beautiful pics mashlla :D

Lost b2amreeka. said...


Journal Entries said...

I miss too already!

the boudoir
allah esalmich glad u like them! =D

thaaaanx ;)

lost b2amreeka
aren't they?! ;)

a la Mocha said...

Amazing pics. Especially the one with the giant fork. Luv it. :)

Journal Entries said...

a la mochaM
it wasn't something expected.. ya3ni when we were walking there we saw somthing min b3eed and we thought that it was only 3amood.. i fell in love it!