Aug 31, 2010

Little steps that make a difference

After reading eshda3wa's post about recycling and her question "What do you guys do to help the environment?" I thought I'd answer her question in a post.

I do admit that in certain things I'm not a "green person", I mean I still use regular plastic bags when I go grocery shopping instead of reusable bags, bs I try my best to be as green as I can. I listed some of the things that I do to help the enviornment (3gub ma I listed them I noticed that most of them revolve around plastic bags don't ask y! :p ) :

* I don't throw away magazines, newspapers, flyers.. etc. I collect them and put them in the storeroom until i have a huge bulk and then call one of the recycling companies to pick them up (like The Green Target Co.).

* In the co-op:
- When I buy 1-3 items only I don't use a plastic bag, I can manage holding them in my hand without a bag.
- When u buy lettuce for example, it comes wrapped in nylon and u take it and weigh it, put it in a jam3iya bag, and then put the price label on it. Instead, I let them put the label on the nylon itself.
- When ur at the cashier let them put as many items possible in one bag. They usually put the toast in a bag, the cheese in another and so on while the bag is still empty.

* I use the plastic bags that comes home from the above step as nappy bags for mini me @ home ;p

* I reuse glass jars to store spices and other stuff.

* I use good quality shoeboxes as storage boxes. They do wonders in organizing ur stuff, have u seen LV's boxes?? they r very practical as they have the shape of drawers! very useful for storing socks and belts.

* Close the water faucet while burshing ur teeth, don't let the water run without any use.

Thats all that I can remember for now.. what about u?? have u got any ideas on how to save the environment?



N said...
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Babble101 said...

i have a habit of turning off the lights, it irritates my family lol... ;p

Journal Entries said...

i do that too!
i never leave lights open in a room if nobody's there.. except for the main entrance ;p

Standy said...

i almost do the things that you do =)

i also try to minimize the use of paper.. re use adn dont print unless i have to!

i wish if i can open a recycle company =(

Journal Entries said...

yeah i do try to minimize the use of papers like u write on them front and back..

i want to do that too =/

Nemo said...

at my company an employee uses 3-4 plastic cups ov average per day // they don't use mugs! (yes we don't have a tea boy but thats not an excuse!)

i try to tell them how bad these r for the environment, but no one cares!

i love your post and i wish that ppl start to think seriously about their environment and their planet! ...

Lizzi said...

yeah bel jama3eya kela zafat'hom 3ala mawtho3 ena they use like a gazillion bags !!! ;p

nice post :D ill start doing more of those ;p

eshda3wa said...

im proud of u :)

we can all be a lot greener i guess, bs something is always better than nothing!

i wish more ppl recycled their paper n plastic atleast, since a7ad eyee leah elbait ysheelhum !

Journal Entries said...

yal kisal!

e7na at our co. we print reports alot.. takhayilay enna most of them print the report (20-25 pages), check for errors, then reprint it!!!
enzain laish ma u check it b4 printing?!

eeee e7irooni!

eee the next step for me is to recycle plastic enshallah..