Aug 13, 2010

Mubarak 3alaikum il shahar!

- 3asakum t9oomoonah bil 9i7a wil 3afya =)

- I woke up the 1st day only to find that it was only 7:30 am when work doesn't start until 9:30!!!
I was sooooo angry with myself laish enni thaya3t 3alay more than an hour of sleep! =S
bs 3naaaad I laid still until the alarm went off ;p2day i woke up 8:10.. fee taqadum bas ham I woke up b4 the alarm =(

- The best thing though is that @ work the air is clean, no trace of the nasty smell of smoke that sticks to my hair/clothes! =D

- The plan was that I'll eat less this ramadan to loose a couple of kilos. il 7a9il enni I'm eating more than 5 lgaimat wara il fu6ooor.. MORE THAN 5!! =(

- I'm loving Wataniya Telecom's advertisement.. wayd 7ilo and the acting ili feeh 6abee3i mafeeh ti9inni3..

- I really miss having mom and dad around.. I miss having fu6oor @ my parent's house.. 3asallah eridhum bil salamah enshallah...

- I was chatting with my friends about TV series, Sahir illail to be precise, I like how they dress.. they really do look like the 70s.. bs we were counting out the mistakes, like for example libs il medaris theek il ayam kan 3annabi mo rumadi, and the fact that @ that time all men who went to the university wore ghutra and 3igal ooo never went emfar3een.. la7athna enna we were watching it for the sake of finding mistakes rather than actually watching it ;p

- I was flipping through channels when I came across 7asan il ballam. Did u see his teeth makeover?? they are white and perfect!! too perfect that it feels wrong.. like something is missing, i prefer the old him with the messy teeth.. just like how il jasmi looked better fat..



Until tHe EnD said...

i love the Wataniya Telecom's advertisement 2!! the kid under the table is sooo adorable!!! <3<3<#

Journal Entries said...

until the end
eeeeeee very!
i also like the part where they steal the remote control from the father ;p

Zabo0o6a said...

3alaina o 3alaij sweety :**
the wa6aniya ad 7ada 3ajeeeb, wayed ywanes o mat3oub 3alaihh ;)

-about loosing few kilo's I did well ams o ma5arba6t elyoum I ate two scoops of baskin robbins b3ad elf6our couldn't resist :/

Aurous said...

3alaina w 3alaich ;)

Minx said...

soo true ta3awadt 3ala ga3dat el seb7 gumt kella agoom gabel my alarm ;/ huff and saher el laiil loool that what i do to !!! ;p oo fee one of the houses decorah kelesh mo mal el 70s !! ;s

Another-Penelope said...

ma shft el 70's series:( mubarek 3leej el shahar

Anonymous said...

3alina o 3alech :)

Journal Entries said...

its reeeeaaaally hard not to mess any rejeem up in this month.. the verity of food on the table is not helping!
i'm like i'll only try 1-3 spoons of each dish oo 3ad ekhthay 3idday cham 6abaq mawjood ;p

wana agool where have u been!
athaari u opened a new blog wana madri!
glad u left me a comment so i was able to follow the link =D

heheheh eee moo khoosh shay illi ga3deen ensaweeh eb sahir illail ;p

another penelope
ur not missing out on much don't worry!

hellooo me3ris!
hows new the new life with u?? ;)

Lost b2amreeka. said...

i must say! I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE it when i wake up before my alarm. and i do the staying in bed 3nad anyway thing too -.-

3alainna w 3alaiiich ;***

ee i saw the ad online its so fadorableee!

aww inshallah allah yredhom lich bel salama!

abi ashoof 7asan alballammm :(

zuz said...

embarak 3alaych elshahaaar :D

Azzi said...

3alena o 3alech .. and yeah its looks so fake! (albalam's teeth)
about waking up in the morning.. i had the same problem this weekend!! 9yaam o i woke up at 9 AM!! shino elmafrooth asawe from 9 to 6:30 ghair TV ?? i was so bored,. but i ended up going shopping;p lol

Journal Entries said...

lost b2amreeka
it is still happening to me, the alarm thing that is, bs it's either me waking up b4 it goes off or mini me waking me up and then she goes back to sleep while I stay awake!!!

3alaina oo 3alaaaich dear =*

ashwa3a 3ayal ma ra7at goomtich embachir eb blash ;p