Aug 17, 2010

Around Europe in 21 days - Part 2

More pics from the summer vacation.. I enjoyed taking pics of the amazing scenery that surrounded me.. just look at the ones with the sunflowers, I just wished that I could run through them as if I were in an indian movie (damn bees that were everywhere preventing me from doing so ;p)


samaher tariq said...


doona said...

absolutely wondeful!

me likey :)

Journal Entries said...

samahir tariq

ee wallah!

Anonymous said...

MASHALAH , the sunflowers moo 9ij and i love ur shots in part 1 and 2 :D
the clouds are just dreamy

Lost b2amreeka. said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful pics :)

Fastidious Babe said...

loved the sunflower shot!!!

looks like fun xoxo

the boudoir. said...

3alaich balf 3afyaa

can u recommend what to do planning on a trip soon inshallah

again amazing pics mashallah;)

Journal Entries said...

thank u! =D
eee aren't they??

lost b2amreeka
wayd mshallah =)

thanx ;)

fastidious babe
i love it too!

the boudoir
check ur email ;)

Lizzi said...

amazing pics mashala 3alaich bel 3afyaaa

Aurous said...

the flowers are amazing <3 (Y)

Eden said...


a la Mocha said...

Mashalaaaa, i luv the 2 pics with the sunflowers! Beautiful. :)

Journal Entries said...

allaaaah e3afeech =)

eee mashalllaaah!

very! =)

a la mocha
eee they r my fav ;)

Mary said...

WOw ! i love your pics. where in europe are they taken?

Journal Entries said...

some in switzerland, some in milan, and one in london..