May 5, 2008

Look of the day

One of my daily stops on the net is's Look Of The Day..

i like to vote and see which look gets most of the votes.. i especially like it when the look that i chose is got more votes then the chosen look for the day! (haha dodahtkum?!) it's like my taste is better that a fashion magazine's!!! ;Pp

it's silly i know!!
but i can't help it.. it makes me happy!

Cameron Diaz looks stunning..


Big Pearls said...

Cameron Diaz looks amazing.

A Journal Entry said...

eee waaaayd.. i want the dress!

nyxxie said...

i dont know why the pics arent loading 3ndi qhar!!

A Journal Entry said...

weeeh 7asafah =/

then here's a link to cameron diaz's pic, 7aram ena u don't see her stunning look!

Squirreliya said...

not silly as long as it makes u happy. and yeah she looks great ;p

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i guess so! =)