May 24, 2008

A day under the sun

The weather today was amazing for swimming, and since a3la maad was at 1:45PM we decided to go to il chalet for a swim.. il mayah was 3ajeebah.. zibdah mashallah oo the water's temperature was just right.. nazzalna il jet ski oo i had a few falls but it was fun!

here's my tanning gear..

we stayed bil ba7ar until 5:30 fa i had a good tan (or shall i call it suwaad?!?!) hehhe anywayz i like my colour now.. white dresses will look better on me ;P

now i'm really tired after all that and thinking of a really good meal.. maybe some fa6ayir? (yummy!) and a good movie to watch..

(sorry for the unclear pics.. i forgot my camera and took the pics with my mobile)


Fastidious Babe said...

im going to the beach bacher! xD t7ammes il 9war.. have ur toes in coral.. its gonna make ur tan look fab xx ( I LOVE THE BEACH!)

Oranjina fadidra said...

I adore ba7ar yet I dislike tanning..

A Journal Entry said...

Fastidious Babe
ejnoy it ;)
oohhh i'm gonna do that!

Oranjina fadidra
laaaish?! 3ad it's the thing i look forward to when going to the beach

eshda3wa said...

3alaikum bel3afya
i sooo miss the beach !

A Journal Entry said...

allah e3afeech ;)

The Masquerader said...

iljaw mo min sija! na3am 47 darajat il7arara wi7na laial7en 7ata shahar 6 ma dkhlna!

ana thek ilmara 6ali3 6al3at ba7ar, o qsman bilah 1 hour bas min ghair la tan wala ba6ekh, sbaght sabgha! sar wayhy komar

FourMe said...

I miss tanning.. you need a good spf with that sun.

A Journal Entry said...

The Masquerader
hahahahah eee 9ij jawna ma y'3ashmir!

bs wallah allah e3afeeh ma ga9ar tara lai gabil cham youm oo il weather was ok ya3ni belail mo shain.. bs min bedayat hal week ballash il 7ar il 9ijy!

i know =S
but i've read somewhere that using sunblock doesn't let u get a tan bs e9eer 3ala sowad! fa i stopped using it and i just put the tannig lotion straight away..

A Journal Entry said...


ok... now u made me feel guilty! =S

Ansam said...

I miss the beach! I so want to go swimming!!!! Maybe in June because I have weddings or plans set for the remaining days of May! I never thought I would schedule appointments to meet up with friends.. and I am doing this for real!!! Thats how busy I am LOL

~ Dreamzy ~ said...

I wannnnnnnnaaaaaaa TAN ! any doctor in the house that would allow that to ME !?

Pretty PleasE? sUGAR COATED Pweeeez!?

Squirreliya said...

abi ba7aar w aby asbaa7 all day long bs mabi tann wala abi an9ibigh *sun block mayfeed* ;@

glad u had fun :D

Big Pearls said...

wow..yabeela beach:)

A Journal Entry said...

offff allah e3eenich that must be stressful =/

heheh if u really want one oo u don't have time to hit the beach then the selftanning is ur answer!
or maybe a half an hour on the roof! it really works ;)

thanx dear ;)

big pearls
3ad enshallah this weekend maykoon il jaw '3bar =S

New Bride said...

Glad u had fun wanasa :)

A Journal Entry said...

new bride
thanx alot ;)

Bebe & Noonie said...

a7la shay about tanning for me is that i dont have to put make up at all after ;D u feel good without it yea ?

A Journal Entry said...

ur absolutely right! ah the glowing cheeks! =)