May 1, 2008

il Jam3iya's List

Our cook writes me a list of things he needs from il jam3iyah every week.. i hate the going to il jam3iyah part, but i love it when i see the list! it's soo funny trying to figure out the words .. just like a weekly puzzle! heheh .. here is the list and it's transelation below..

1- عدس
3- ثوم
4- زنجبيل
5- طماط
6- قيمر
7- خس
8- كركم
9- vinegar
10- بطاط
11- معجون طماط
12- صابون لولو( soap for dishes )
13- خبز


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

eshda3wa said...


3ndina oo 3ndikom khair

Ansam said...

LOL hilarious
same in my sister's house....

MAKARONA KAYOOT (Makarona Khyoo6 = Spaghetti)
Jeit Jayton (zeit zaytoon = Olive Oil)


FourMe said...

2, 4 , 9 looool
tried to figure it out without reading the answers I could except those 3 lol

A Journal Entry said...

eshda3wa , ansam
heheheh it's funny shloon they try to spell it the way they say it!!

oo ansam 7atan e7na 3indina il jait jaytoon!!
oo ham jait dura

hehehhe yallah 3ayal en5aleeha a game each week to figure the words out!

New Bride said...

loooooool thats crazy hehheh 3adee i hate it when i came back home and she gave me the paper with names of people calling us during the day waaay amoot mn elth7k

A Journal Entry said...

new bride
heheheh oooh 3ad il asamy mushkilah!